It's written in the stars, so why shouldn't it also be written on your wedding cake? We love that this DIY decoration for your big-day confection, developed by Jen Carreiro of Something Turqoise, is graphic, modern, and easy to make. Spell out your sentiments with the letters of your choice—from Mr & Mrs to your event hashtag. Whatever you choose, it's bound to be a sweet read.
Credit: Courtesy of Studio 11 Photograph


Credit: Courtesy of Studio 11 Photograph


1. Cut the dowels down to between 6 inches and 12 inches (the exact height is up to you-feel free to vary the height of different words).

2. Using a nail file or sand paper, smooth the cut edges.

Credit: Courtesy of Studio 11 Photograph

3. Lay the words out backward. Apply a small amount of glue to the backside of each letter and adhere the dowels. Let dry.

Tip: To make sure the dowel dries perfectly flush with the letter, place another letter under the end of the dowel to prop it up while drying.

Credit: Courtesy of Studio 11 Photograph

4. Paint the letters and dowels using your choice of nontoxic Martha Stewart Crafts paint (but leave the bottom tips unpainted, as they'll be inserted into the cake). Add a second coat if needed, then let each letter stick dry on a piece of waxed paper.

Tip: For letters with small crevices, use a pin to wipe out excess paint.


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