Every bride planning a destination wedding should think about these things.
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Planning a destination wedding often means you'll have multiple days of playing host. You'll likely throw a welcome party the first night, a wedding the second night, and a farewell brunch the following day. There may or may not be a rehearsal dinner and various other activities scheduled in as well. Naturally, this begs the question: Are you and your husband-to-be up for the task of hosting for an entire weekend of events? Consider this question, and a few others below, before you make any plans.

Will I be up for spending three days with guests?

This may seem like an obvious "yes!" at first, but think through the idea of host three full days of events during a time that's highly emotional and inherently anxiety-ridden. Take into consideration where you'll be and who you'll surround yourselves with during any little bits of downtime you have.

Can we afford to feed guests on multiple occasions?

At the very least, you'll be expected to provide two big meals during a weekend-long wedding. One would be the wedding meal and another would be at a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and/or brunch. Be realistic in your budget assessments, as it's always better to come in under budget than to spread yours too thin.

Do I mind coordinating hotel blocks for others?

If you're planning a multi-day wedding, you'll likely have many guests who need to book hotel rooms. This usually means you'll be responsible for setting up a hotel block (or a few, depending on your guest count) to ensure rooms are set-aside for your guests. While it's not necessary for you to cover the costs of the rooms, it's still an added task on your to-do list that can be a hassle to research and negotiate.

Will my friends and family be comfortable away from home?

Fun as they may be during the celebration, multi-day weddings are often an inconvenience to friends and family. If the majority of your wedding guests are folks who aren't comfortable traveling or don't spend much time away from home, that's something to take into consideration when booking your venue. You might consider short travel times, varying hotel price ranges, and general convenience factor for the majority of guests as a high priority.

Am I happy with kids being included in multiple events?

While you can always opt to not include children at your wedding, it's a bit more difficult to tell families that kids aren't welcome for the entire wedding weekend. You might invite kids to attend the welcome party and brunch, and maybe hire a nanny service to look after kids during the wedding.

What will we do if the weather's bad for the whole weekend?

While you can't predict the weather, you can always be prepared for it. Bad weather puts a cramp in any wedding, but it can be much more stressful when you have multiple events planned outdoors. Take it into consideration when scheduling your wedding and be sure to check local weather trends for the time of year so you can best prepare backup indoor spots.


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