Cotton Gifts for Your Second Wedding Anniversary

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Each of these ideas—which range from romantic to practical—can help you celebrate two years together.

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Can you believe that you're already approaching your second wedding anniversary? Maybe it feels like the time flew by, or maybe it feels like you've lived a full lifetime in the past 24 months. Whether you've been through a little or a lot over your first two years of marriage, one thing's for certain: you're still finding your way as a spouse. In turn, tradition has it that you and your partner should exchange cotton gifts for the milestone. Cotton's known for its adaptability, and it's meant to remind you to continue adapting, too. It's early enough in your relationship that you've got plenty of room to learn and grow as a team, so celebrate that with presents made from (or themed around) the fiber.

Here, we're offering up some of our favorite ideas for cotton anniversary gifts. Classic presnets include home goods like bed sheets and bath towels, while other common gifts are clothing (think: loungewear, pajamas, and robes) are popular, too. For something more creative, pull from the more unique selections, like the denim coasters or woven hammock for two. You can also skip cotton fabric in lieu of a looser interpretation, like a cotton-scented candle. Overall, we've found his and hers presents in a range of categories that span from romantic to practical. We've also presented a range of price points, so that you can get inspired regardless of budget. Click through and see which of these traditional present ideas appeal to you—congratulations on this big step in your marriage!

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Cozy Blanket

cotton anniversary gift checked throw blanket
Courtesy of Lands Downunder

A luxe throw will feel great wrapped around you and look great styled over furniture when not in use.

Shop Now: Lands Downunder "Buffalo Check" Throw, $128,

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Duffle Bag

cotton anniversary gift checked throw blanket
Courtesy of Filson

A sturdy duffle in a versatile shade is bound to get a lot of travel time.

Shop Now: Filson "Medium Rugged Twill" Duffle Bag, from $395,

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Comfy Robe

cotton anniversary gift robe green striped woman
Courtesy of Lake

Relaxation comes easy in a robe that's this soft.

Shop Now: Lake Cotton Robe, $126,

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Pajama Set

cotton anniversary gift peach jogger set
Courtesy of Thirdlove

These Jogger-style pajamas are chic, cozy, and another great loungewear option.

Shop Now: Thirdlove Jogger Pajamas, $65,

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Fresh Sheets

cotton anniversary gift luxe sheets white
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Didn't score the sheets of your dreams as a wedding gift? It's never too late.

Shop Now: Brooklinen "Luxe Hardcore" Sheet Set, $228,

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Monogrammed Pillows

cotton anniversary gift A letter pillow
Courtesy of Smathers & Branson

If you still can't get enough of your shared last name, opt for something monogrammed, like a decorative pillow.

Shop Now: Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Pillow, $165,

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Everyday Backpack

cotton anniversary gift daypack backpack
Courtesy of Herschel Supply

You can't go wrong with a sleek, goes-with-everything backpack.

Shop Now: Herschel "Cotton Casuals Daypack" Backpack, $44.99,

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cotton anniversary gift pink placemats
Courtesy of Leif

Spruce up your everyday place settings with these casual additions.

Shop Now: Leif "Heirloom Overdye" Placemats, $14.99,

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Scented Candle

cotton anniversary gift cotton candle
Courtesy of Byredo

You don't have to stick with items made of cotton. Instead, try a cotton-inspired scent.

Shop Now: Byredo "Cotton Poplin" Candle, from $85,

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Mattress Pad

Down Etc "Lily Pad" mattress pad
Courtesy of Down Etc

This may not look glamorous, but your bed will feel glamorous when you know it's safe from spills! The waterproof mattress cover is also designed to be noiseless, ensuring you both get the best rest yet. (Good sleep makes for happy couples!)

Shop Now: Down Etc "Lily Pad" Mattress Pad, from $77,

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Canvas Print

cotton anniversary canvas print bedroom
Courtesy of CanvasPop

Display your favorite wedding photos for all to see with customizable pieces of artwork.

Shop Now: CanvasPop Canvas Print, from $27,

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Catchall Tray

cotton anniversary colorful trays
Courtesy of Closed Mondays

These handmade catchalls are all one-of-a-kind.

Shop Now: Closed Mondays Cotton Tray, $58,

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