Here's how you can fit the tradition into your big-day beauty look.

By Nicole Moleti
February 07, 2018
Credit: Tamara Schlesinger

If you love the idea of following the age-old tradition of carrying something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on your wedding day but want to do so in a fresh, new way, you're in luck. While there are plenty of ways to work these four items into your big-day look, we think "something blue" lends itself particularly well to your beauty routine. That's right-it's easier than ever to add a hint of blue to your wedding makeup. Here, four super subtle ways to do it.


If you want to very quietly add bridal blue to your look, look to your toes. Blue nail polish is trending now, and painting just your toes an icy hue is an easy way to utilize it discreetly. You might not want photographic proof of your blue manicure for years to come (think about every shot of your bouquet!), so a colorful pedi is a better "good luck" beauty move.


This one should be a no-brainer. No matter what color your eyes are, there's a blue eyeliner out there that will make your beauty look pop. If you have blue or hazel eyes, choose a soft gray-blue; those with brown eyes should try a turquoise-blue liner smudged softly on the upper lash line. If you are nervous and want something really subtle, navy blue liner is a good starting point. It will appear nearly black, with just a touch of blue color.


Here's a beauty secret you may not know: Wearing blue mascara makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter. After months of non-stop wedding planning, anything that will brighten your eyes should be seen as an added bonus. Blue mascara doesn't have to scream "blue"-it can be added over a coat of black to just add a hint of color. And, in addition to whitening the eyes, it will make a bride's blue eyes really pop.


If you're feeling slightly more daring, think about a blue eyeshadow (but please, don't think try '80s blue!). When carefully chosen and applied softly, blue shadows can really enhance those blue-eyed brides. Choose soft pastels or silvery blues for the best bridal looks.


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