Consider this your quick and easy knots glossary. While there are dozens that you could use for your wedding, the following four are the easiest to learn.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

1. Overhand Knot

Make this basic pretzel knot (top) by forming a loop and passing one end of your rope or string through it. Tighten to create a round knot, or keep the knot loose to form a heart shape.

2. True Lover's Knot

Form this knot (interlocked, second down) by combining two overhand knots, which should mirror each other in form and scale: Tie a loose overhand knot in Rope A. Pass one end of Rope B through the center of Rope A's knot and under itself to form a twist. Pull Rope B up and through the twist to make a second overhand knot.

3. Figure-Eight Knot

Pass one end of the rope up and over itself to form a loop (second from bottom). Continue moving one end under and around the opposite end. Finish the knot by passing the end of the rope through the loop. Pull each end in opposite directions to tighten.

4. Slipped-Square Knot

Form a loop near the end of the rope (bottom). Create a curve at the short end of the rope by doubling the rope over itself in a U shape. Tuck the curve through the loop you just created. Tighten by pulling the curve and the ends in opposite directions.


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