Warning: Tears ahead.
Josh Peck and Paige O'Brien wedding photo
Credit: Josh Peck via Instagram

It looks the speculations are true, and our childhood dreams are officially crushed: Drake Bell wasn't invited to Josh Peck's wedding. That's right-your favorite frenemy TV step-siblings aren't as close IRL as you thought. We're sorry to be the ones to break it to you, and feel even worse for Bell, who seems genuinely hurt by his lack of invitation.

While the tweets have since been deleted, Bell shared telling messages before Peck's big day, including these found in a screenshots posted on Twitter: "When you're not invited to the wedding the message is clear…" said one, while the other heartbreakingly read, "I'll miss you brotha." Hold on a second, we're wiping our eyes.

What's worse, Bell posted an adorable throwback just days before the wedding, making the invite diss even more painful. Accordingly, the people of Twitter took to their keyboards to voice their disappointment. While the news gets us all choked up, at least we can mourn together.

To be fair (though we can't be sure), it doesn't look like Miranda Cosgrove (Megan) attended, or other cast members from the Nickelodeon sitcom. And though Drake & Josh was Peck's first real claim to fame, production stopped back in 2007-can we really blame the crew if they started growing distant? Nevertheless, Bell made a good point, also since-deleted on Twitter: "Loyalty is key. ALWAYS remember where you came from."

Clearly, there's plenty left out of this story, so it's hard to decipher if Peck was rude or justified in his decision to leave Bell off of the guest list. We think we'll just watch some Drake & Josh reruns to sooth our saddened and slightly-confused souls. Or, look at the above newly-released wedding photo-that's such a Josh Nichols caption.


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