While not ideal, getting your period on your wedding day doesn't have to be a big deal.
Bride Getting Dressed with the Help of Her Mother on Wedding Day
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Getting your period on your wedding day can bring about a host of unexpected issues. Will the hormonal changes cause your face to break out? Will you be too bloated to fit into your form-fitting wedding dress? Where will you stash any feminine products you need if you weren't planning on carrying a purse? While there are some things that will be beyond your control (there's really no fighting those period-related pimples), worrying about how to deal with Aunt Flo's unexpected appearance on the guest list isn't one of them. These tips will help you prepare.

Be prepared.

If there's even the slightest chance that your period could show up on your wedding day, plan as if you know it's going to happen. That means making sure you have access to your preferred products at both your ceremony and reception sites. If there's a bridal suite at your reception venue, consider dropping off some supplies after your rehearsal. Similarly, if you're putting together hospitality baskets for the restrooms, ensure these are stocked with items you consider must-haves.

Use the right products.

And understand the right products may not be the ones you're used to. Tiffany Hayden, owner of Detailed Weddings LA, often tells her clients who are expecting their periods on their wedding days to be open to trying something new. The pro suggests using a menstrual cup or period-proof underpants (like Thinx) on the big day. Menstrual cups are safe to wear all day, which may help you cut down on extra visits to the bathroom. If you prefer to stick to your traditional products, consider wearing a pair of Spanx or a similar undergarment. Janessa White, of co-founder of Simply Eloped, says it can add another layer of protection between you and your dress.

Have a spot spotter.

Ask someone-like your mother or you maid of honor-to keep an extra eye on your wedding dress. They'll be able to let you know right away if you need to address a minor spot before it becomes a major problem. You may also want to bring them into the bathroom with you to help you with your dress while you're using the facilities. An extra set of hands may be all you need to keep your dress clean.

Know how to care for your dress.

The materials used to create your wedding dress will dictate how to best treat any spots that may show up. Even if you're not expecting your period on your wedding day, talking to the seamstress or designer about how to remove stains from your dress ahead of time will let you know exactly what products you should have on hand. "The material will determine whether you remove the stain with tonic water or a stain removing wipe," Beth Helmstetter, owner of Beth Helmstetter Events, says.

Kick up your heels.

With just a little extra planning, getting your period on your wedding day should be no more than a mild annoyance. Rest assured that you've done everything that you can do to plan for any menstrual mishaps. All that's left now is to kick up your heels and dance. It's your wedding day!


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