It involves the cookbook author's favorite late-night snack.

By Lauren Pardee
May 16, 2019
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

As far as couples bedtime rituals go, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have the most hilarious one, naturally. The cookbook author recently opened up on Twitter about her late-night snacking habit, which involves her musician husband making her a sandwich before she hits the pillow. That's all about to change, though, since she's calling on her husband to help curb those pre-sleep cravings. But as it turns out, Legend is quite the enabler.

The TV host tweeted about her latest marital drama in search of advice from fans, saying, "This morning I told [John] do not, under any circumstance, make me a bedtime sandwich, no matter how hard I ask. I asked him for one tonight and he made it. While it WAS delicious, should I be mad?" Fellow celebrity Daryl Motte responded to the post noting, "200% yes... he had ONE job," to which the Teigen replied, "Thank [you] I agree."

In the past, Teigen's opened up about her struggles with after-dark cravings. She told Delish in 2017 that if she has a salad for dinner, she wakes up around 2 a.m. and goes "candy crazy." Ultimately, can we really blame Legend for feeding his wife in order to get a good night sleep?

Actually, we understand exactly why the singer is so eager to make that sandwich for his foodie wife. The actor has admitted that he always does what Teigen says when it comes to the kitchen. "I'm like the sous-chef-I chop, I do whatever Chrissy asks me to do, but she's in charge," he told Health.


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