How to get a natural glow for your big day.
Credit: Aaron Dyer

Getting that perfectly natural glow from your bronzer is a little more complicated than a few swipes of the stuff with your brush. We're here to give you the low-down on how to perfectly apply bronzer and avoid the dreaded makeup line around your chin or neck area.

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Step 1

Using a big, fluffy brush, swirl it through the pan of powder bronzer, making sure to tap off the excess before you begin. Use a sponge or a blending brush if you're using a cream or liquid bronzer.

Step 2

Start at the forehead, draw an "E" on one side of the face, and a "3" on the other. This will cover the forehead (sweep it along the hairline), cheekbones, and chin-these are the highest plains of the face where the sun would naturally hit. Don't forget to blend well if you're using a liquid or a cream bronzer.

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Step 3

Dab the brush, sponge or your fingers on the nose, and chin, then along the neck and décolleté as needed. If you're applying bronzer to your décolleté after your dress is on, make sure to tuck tissue between the skin and the dress first. Though it's inevitable that some may transfer onto the edges of the dress and the day stretches on.

Step 4

If you're wearing your hair up, don't forget to touch on the ears, as well. Nothing says fake tan like white earlobes.

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Helpful Hint

You may want to consider using a self-tanning lotion on your neck and décolleté, 48 hours before the wedding. Give the tanner 6-8 hours to develop before showering. Then moisturize skin on your wedding day, using a talcum powder on areas where you may sweat (it soaks up potential tanner transfer).


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