And her dress designer has dished on the gown.
Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson Wedding
Credit: Michael Phelps via Instagram

Just five days ago, news broke that Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson may have secretly wedded months ago-images of a marriage record have sprung up on various sites, and the document is dated June 13. But regardless of what happened back in the spring, speculation on their relationship status can officially be put to rest: Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson wedded this weekend in a private ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Are Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson Already Married?

Both parties shared wedding photos from the Saturday celebration on Instagram yesterday, and Nicole Johnson has swapped her handle to @mrs.nicolephelps. The beachfront destination wedding looks absolutely gorgeous, with an abundance of white petals lining the aisle, alongside chic metallic vessels and candle trios. We also spy a simple, floral wedding arch, and a beautiful ivory bouquet.

The groomsmen appear to be donning light gray suits, while the bridesmaids are wearing long gowns in what could be blush, white, or champagne. Phelps himself donned light gray and muted blue, but the real showstopper was Nicole Phelps's Julie Vino gown.

We spoke with the label, who shared that the bride had been eyeing the Israel-based designer for a while-apparently, she's been a fan "for years, and has been working with Julie to design her dream dress for over a year."

"It was a huge compliment to have Nicole reach out to me," designer Julie Vino told Martha Stewart Weddings exclusively. "I know there were many designers who wanted to design her dress and I am honored to have been the one she chose."

Vino couldn't have enjoyed working with Nicole more. "Nicole was amazing to work with, she knew what she wanted but trusted my advice and expertise and we were able to design her perfect dress," Vino said. To get the perfect look, "Julie worked with Nicole via email and video chat," wrote the brand.

People reported that the beauty queen had just one single fitting. "She did not want the traditional bridal gown," Vino told People. "She wanted something that was a little more easygoing and flowing, and a slit up the side. She always wanted something with a slit. It was something that she had in her head from the beginning."

Vino also told People that she had "a great connection with Nicole," who apparently cried of happiness when trying on her dress. "She's fun to work with, and we're definitely going to be working with her in the future for other things. We already started working on something. It's coming soon," the designer revealed-so suspenseful!

Though Phelps's gown was custom-made, the design is a modified version of the "Erin" dress, meaning you can purchase a dress just like it! With its stunning embroidered bodice, delicate cap sleeves, and chiffon skirt, we're sure the look will be flying off the shelves.


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