35 Ways to Ensure Your Dog Is the Guest of Honor at Your Wedding

dog wedding leash grooms suits feet
Jose Villa

If you and your future husband or wife already have a dog, you probably consider that pet a part of your family. Your pup is beyond important to you—she's basically your first child!—which is why you want her to be included in the wedding day.

There are many different factors to consider before you decide to if your dog should be present at the festivities or if he or she will be there in spirit (like whether or not your venue is animal-friendly, for starters), and for good reason. You want to make sure your fur baby is taken care of throughout your entire celebration, and that you won't have to worry about your pup's happiness and overall well-being. While this may require a little bit of strategic planning, the couples (and their dogs, of course!) that you're about to meet prove that a little bit of extra work might be worth it—especially if that means getting to have your puppy with you on one of the biggest days of your lives.

There are so many ways to make sure your pup is the guest of honor at your wedding. The following dogs are the very definition of well dressed, thanks to the prettiest floral and greenery collars, garland leashes, mini tuxedos, and bow ties. The best part of these portraits, though, is seeing how excited these adorable animals all look. They clearly understand that their parents are doing something very special—or maybe it's the fact that 200 strangers are suddenly very excited to give them treats.

One thing is clear: If you're on the fence about including your pup on your big day, the following gallery is definitely going to sway you towards a resounding yes. Here, our favorite ways to make your dog stand out at your ceremony and reception.

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Getting Ready

dog wedding bride bed lounge get ready
Amalie Orrange Photography

This pup stayed by her mom's side—and posed for a photo—as they both got a little glam for the big day.

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Right at Home

vanessa steven wedding dog
Valorie Darling Photography

Since this pup's owners held their wedding at home, she was able to take part in the entire celebration. Decked out in a wreath of greenery and flowers arranged by Adria Lowry, she looked entirely relaxed during the vows.

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Recessional Partners

jermaine scott wedding dc aisle dogs
Abby Jiu Photography

This couple had their two dogs, Abby and Chloe, serve as the "flower girls" at their outdoor ceremony. After the vows were swapped, the cute pooches escorted their owners back up the aisle.

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Portrait Time

Love & Light Photographs

The bride and her 'maids looked great in their floral robes, but it was the couple's adorable bulldog that drew all eyes during the pre-ceremony portrait session.

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Can't Look

dog wedding flower garland collar
Renee Lemaire Photography

Wearing a flower garland by Molly Taylor & Co., this pooch "hid his eyes" at his bride-and-groom parents kissed.

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dog wedding bride groom couple feet garland collar
Connection Photography

This pup's B&B Designs greenery wreath tied back to the bride's own clutch, which signaled his official role in the wedding party

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Watch Dog

dog wedding rug groom's shoes
Pat Furey Photography

Dogs are man's best friend—which explains why this BFF was left in charge of guarding the groom's shoes ahead of the ceremony.

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World Traveler

wedding dog flowers
Koby Brown

This little dog flew across an ocean (from New York to Capri, Italy!) to be part of his owner's nuptials. He looked the part in a bow tie and a wreath of fresh flowers from Capri Flor.

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One of the Girls

dog wedding bridesmaids chocolate labrador retriever flower drown
In Love by Bina Terré

Based on this incredible photo, it's hard to tell who the star of this particular big day truly was: the bride or her chocolate lab? The pup posed proudly in her Liebes Art flower crown, which matched the bridesmaids'.

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Ring Bearer

wedding ring bearer
KT Merry

This dog's necklace of pink flowers from Nature Composed wasn't her only important accessory—the couple's wedding bands were also attached to her collar so that she could officially serve as ring bearer.

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Two Pups

dog wedding bride groom couple labrador retrievers white leashes
Long Way Home

These white labs proved that two pups are better than one at their parents' outdoor ceremony. They wore identical polka-dot bowties (with matching leashes!) and were the definition of good boys.

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Bow Tie

wedding bow tie chair french bull dog
Jen Huang Photography

This French bulldog wore a custom bow tie collar by Hushed Commotion.

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A Must-Have Guest

kaitlin jeremy wedding officiant with dog
Sylvie Gil Photography

This lucky Havanese's parents said they couldn't tie the knot without him there, so a friend walked him down the aisle and their officiant held him for photos.

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Dog Walkers

dog wedding bride groom couple kiss aisle
Aloha Fotografia

If this little guy could talk, we bet he'd say that the stroll up this couple's aisle was arguably the best walk of his life.

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Best Dressed

dog wedding bride groom couple shirt vest tie
Our Labor of Love

At this twosome's fête, the best-dressed guest was clearly their pooch, who donned an entire ensemble, including a shirt, vest, and tie, for the occasion.

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Cute Collie

dog wedding bride collie garland wreath collar
We Are The Mitchells

Clearly, the eucalyptus garland by Roost Flowers was a hit with this collie, who was beyond ready for her close-up at this celebration.

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Third Flower Girl

dog wedding flower girls greenery leash aisle
Emily Wren Photography

Speaking of garlands, the bride, a florist at Beautiful Blooms, designed this greenery leash herself for her third flower girl.

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Puppy Bouquet

dog wedding bride groom kiss couple puppy bouquet
Jacqui Cole Photography

A mini burst of blooms by MMD Events turned this tiny pup into the best wedding bouquet of all time.

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Family of Three

dog wedding bride groom kiss couple puppy australian shepard
Laura Murray Photography

This duo got down onto their fur baby's level to snap their first official photo as a family of three.

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Best Man

dog wedding bow tie bride
Ether and Smith

A human's photo is worth 1,000 words, but a pup's is clearly worth a million. This handsome best man's face truly said it all: "I look suave and I know it."

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dog wedding golden retriever garland collar
Caroline Lima Photography

Mary Jane Jones designed this golden retriever's seeded eucalyptus wreath, which the pooch was all for.

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The Nose Knows

dogs wedding westies bride chair lap
Kat Willson

These westies obviously had good taste—they sniffed out the most Instagrammable spot at the venue (how gorgeous is this wild floral arch by Celsia Flowers?) for photos.

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joyann jeremy couple dog portrait wedding
Christian Oth Studio

The couple's beloved goldendoodle, Isla, stayed by their sides throughout their entire celebration—from the ceremony, to the portraits, to the reception.

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Mini Tux

brides with dog
Amber Gress

The couple's beloved dog Rita, wearing a tuxedo collar, joined them for a few formal shots at their Jersey shore venue.

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Bow-Tied Bulldogs

Ashley Sawtelle

Angus the English bulldog and Hamilton the French bulldog are a huge part of this couples' lives, so of course they had to be a part of the wedding day. Wearing bow ties from Charlie Be Good, they walked down the aisle together and watched their parents tied the knot.

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Floral Leash

Nancy Ray Photography

This couple knew that they wanted their four-year-old King Charles spaniel, Lucy, to make an appearance at some point during the wedding day. The adorable pup matched the rest of the bridal party, accessorizing with a pink floral collar and leash.

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Picture-Perfect Pup

Annabella Charles Photography

This adorable white lab, Bethel, is like family to the bride and groom, who dressed her up with a flower collar. "She belongs to [the groom's] father and stepmother and is extremely friendly," said the bride.

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A Faithful Guest

Meg Smith Photography

The couple's Labrador retriever-Newfoundland mix, Gunner, served as their ring bearer. The plan was for him to walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid, but he wouldn't leave his dad's side and spent most of the ceremony lying down by his feet.

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Snoozing Pup

JBM Photography

This bride and groom's faithful labradoodle, Maya, took a quick snooze on the porch as the bride finished up writing her vows. "Some say she's a human being in a dog's body," said the bride. "I ask her to give me a sign, but so far nothing yet."

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Puppy Present

Jasmine Star Photography

The groom gave his now-wife their Maltese, Polo, during the first year of their marriage, and he's been a big part of their family ever since. "We're those crazy dog lovers, so he had to be a part of our special day!" said the bride. Polo fell asleep on the couches while guests danced in the moonlight at this vow-renewal.

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His and Hers Collars

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

The bride and grooms' two pups wore special collars on their big day: a floral bow for the girl, and a bow tie for the boy.

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Must Allow Dogs

Jodi & Kurt Photography

Finn, this couple's goldendoodle, had been a part of their lives for two years come wedding day. During the planning stage, they had just one request: their venue must allow dogs for the entire celebration. The beloved dog roamed freely and mingled all day to the couple's delight.

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One of the Guys

Carrie Patterson Photography

This yellow Labrador, Birdie, accompanied the groom to the altar and sat with the boys during the ceremony.

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Dressy Dog

Gia Canali Photography

Lola, this couple's beloved Chihuahua, acted as the ring bearer in their California wedding. She sported a crocheted outfit made by the bride's mother.

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A Floral Collar

Bryan Gardner

This couple's dog, Minnie, was dressed for the lemon-themed occassion in yellow roses and striped ribbons, and sat happily on the chair swing.

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