Leave it to a proud grandpa to gush.
george and amal clooney with baby bump
Credit: Getty Images

George and Amal Clooney have welcomed their twins, and according to reps, the parents are happily recovering. But that didn't stop them from sharing their joy with those who were likely just as excited as they were. Just two hours after birth, the Clooneys Skyped George's parents with the babies in tow. Though grandma and gramps may not be carrying around baby pictures yet, they're doing the equivalent of showing them off.

Nick Clooney lovingly told Fox 19 Now that the family is doing "really well," and called Amal a "superwoman" for guiding the Skype call. The babies, as expected, are "beautiful," and "gorgeous," resembling their famous parents. Nina Warren, Nick's wife, thinks baby Alexander has his father's nose, based on "his little profile." In addition, the babies have "dark hair" just like their mother. The names of the twins, Ella and Alexander, also continue to be a hit. "I love their names," Nick affirmed, saying "both sound terrific."

Though the parents are doing "terrifically well" and the grandparents are clearly head-over-heels for the little ones, they won't be visiting the newborns right away. "They have enough on their plate to have some visiting grandparents coming in to London," Nick explained, "so we'll leave that one entirely up to them."

Nick Clooney and Nina Warren aren't the only ones celebrating Ella and Alexander. George Clooney's Casamigo Tequila partner Rande Gerber was spotted pushing gifts for the couple-diapers and tequila, to be exact-on a dolly through his and George's office. Sounds like just what the new parents need!


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