23 Delicious Food Bars for Your Wedding

guests eating oysters
Jessica Antola

When it comes to building the best wedding menu, guests appreciate choices. That being said, you don't have to settle on the basic trifecta of chicken, fish, or steak. There are tons of options beyond the standard sit-down meal, and we don't mean the typical buffet! One of our favorite customizable ideas is a self-serve wedding food station. Whether you go with a classic, like an elegant raw bar, or want something casual and unexpected, like a brunch waffle bar, there are possibilities aplenty.

Year after year, the wedding food bars we come across get more and more unique. We've seen everything from snack selections to full-blown feasts served in interactive ways. No matter what you're looking for—be it appetizers for your cocktail hour, hearty dishes for your reception, or sweet treats for dessert—you can turn to the following examples for inspiration. We've rounded up some of the tastiest and most fun displays we've seen to help you brainstorm your own event's station(s).

The fare presented ahead comes in many different styles. For traditional couples, we've included some common options, like the ever-popular charcuterie table. For couples who want their meal to double as a source of entertainment, we've spotlighted made-to-order and build-your-own ideas, too (mac and cheese bar, anyone?). This mix also features food that nods to various cultures, plus dishes that adhere to other themes. You shouldn't just think about what you're serving, either—put some thought into how you'll serve it. In turn, you'll find genius setup inspiration here, as well.

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Veggie Station

taylor frankie rehearsal dinner market table
Rachel Havel Photography

Ashley Nicole Events worked with this couple to create a "market table" filled with delicious veggies. We love the display idea for a crudité bar, complete with an array of dips.

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Waffle Bar

wedding food bars alyssa luzaich
Alyssa Luzaich Photography

For a brunch celebration, try a build-your-own waffle bar, where guests can top their breakfast treat with whatever they want. The Waffle Experience catered this one.

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Popcorn Bar

popcorn baskets
N Barrett Photography

For Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly's wedding, Popcorn Papa provided the snack with a variety of seasonings.

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Poké Bar

wedding food bars anna delores photography
Anna Delores Photography

For this event, Trumpet Vine Catering offered different renditions of the Hawaiian dish, which were set out on a Lovelyfest Event Design display.

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BBQ Station

rebecca clay rehearsal dinner food
Kayla Barker

Classic BBQ fare is sure to please at a casual wedding. This Biltmore buffet included watermelon wedges, coleslaw, loaded baked potato salad, macaroni salad, molasses baked beans, hot dogs and burgers, grilled chicken, and slow-cooked BBQ pork shoulder.

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Mac and Cheese Bar

wedding food bars augie chang
Augie Chang Photography

Let guests snack on an upgraded version of the childhood favorite. Componere Fine Catering's extensive topping options elevated the dish at this celebration.

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Donut Station

wedding donut fryer
Hannah Arista Photography

Actress Frankie Shaw had Harvey's Gourmet Mini Donuts made on the spot for her wedding to Zach Strauss. Attendees could choose from multiple flavors (cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar, sugar glaze, chocolate glaze, and maple glaze) and add chocolate or rainbow sprinkles.

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Charcuterie Station

wedding food bars michelle beller
Michelle Beller Photography

L.A. Roots Catering Co. arranged this mouthwatering charcuterie table for guests to graze on.

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Pizza Station

pizza being made
Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

It's hard not to get excited about made-to-order pizza pies. Bola Pizza prepared fresh ones as guests at this wedding looked on.

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Cereal Bar

wedding food bars onelove photography
onelove photography

This inventive brunch spread—coordinated and designed by Wink! and Pluck—prompted guests to build their own cereal bowls. Different types of cereal, milk, and toppings were provided.

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Taco Bar

wedding taco bar
Jenny Haas

Salsarita's set up this taco bar, which featured three different kinds of—you guessed it—salsa.

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Sushi Bar

wedding food bars augie chang sushi
Augie Chang Photography

If you're all about sushi, consider serving the bites rolled-to-order style. That's what Componere Fine Catering did here.

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Grill Station

wedding food bars rebecca yale
Rebecca Yale Photography

Have you ever considering firing up the grill for a summertime affair? Command Performance Catering did so for this celebration, then set out a station with all the staples.

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Seafood Station

hadley corey wedding oysters
Henry + Mac

Smoke & Pickles hosted an oyster roast for this seaside soirée

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Omelet Station

wedding food bars jill thomas
Jill Thomas Photography

An omelet station—like this one by Trumpet Vine Catering—is another foolproof brunch option.

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Rice Cake Station

steven yeun walking dead wedding rice cakes
Sally Pinera

When actor Steven Yeun married Joana Pak, they had an Urban Palate dduk, or rice cake, station.

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Condiments Bar

wedding food bars the ganeys
The Ganeys

Lett guests flavor their food to their liking with a smattering of different sauces, seasonings, and more. Tastes of Tampa Bay provided this display.

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Fast Food Bar

Kari Otero for 5th Avenue Digital

This station by FCI Catering & Events combined high-end cuisine with fast food classics, like mini lobster corn dogs served with Maine lobster and hominy ceviche. We recommend the option for a kid-friendly event or late-night crowd.

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Crostini Bar

Brittany Wood

This Heirloom LA's crostini station mixed an array of crostini, including a number of different breads and toppings.

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Ceviche Bar

Shelly Vinson

This fresh California-style food bar by Pure Joy Catering included a chef who prepared ceviche. The wedding's catch of the day was served along with local avocado, cilantro, onions, lemon juice, and corn chips.

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Fondue Station

Kari Otero for 5th Avenue Digital

This food bar by FCI Catering included crab and artichoke fondue, spinach and artichoke fondue, and brie and artichoke fondue with a selection of breads, crostini, crudité sticks, micro-vegetables, and crab claws. Yum!

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Pasta Bar

Montana Dennis

Here, guests could create custom-order pasta dishes with a chef-manned pasta bar by Pure Joy Catering with imported pastas, fresh made sauces, vegetable toppings, and fresh seafood.

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Raw Bar

Bryan Gardner

This couple set out a raw bar, catered by Annie Gunn's, for their guests to snack on during cocktail hour, featuring sashimi, ceviche, and four types of East Coast oysters.

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