Bachelorette Party Gifts 101: What You Need to Know About Pre-Wedding Party Presents

Namely, does the bride really need to give them to her attendees?

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As you plan your wedding, you'll find that your bridesmaids are by your side through every shopping spree, decoration decision, and DIY session. They've likely also put together (and paid for) an epic bachelorette party with your closest friends. It's no wonder that many brides thank their 'maids and attendees for spending time and money on their pre-nuptial bash with tokens of their appreciation. Here's all you need to know about bachelorette party gifts.

Are bachelorette party gifts necessary?

Although it's trendy for the bride to give everyone attending the bachelorette party a gift, it's certainly not necessary. Traditionally, the maid of honor and bridesmaids plan and pay for all bachelorette festivities, and the bride spends her time preparing for the big day instead. In recent years, though, it's become more common for the bride to chip in for at least her share of the celebration, especially if everyone is traveling for the event. While your group may not be footing the bill for you, everyone is still spending money to celebrate your bachelorette, and a little gift that shows just how much you appreciate everyone joining in means to you.

What should you give?

Since bachelorette party gifts aren't necessary, don't feel like you have to spend loads of cash on goodies. Many women opt for traditional "gag gifts," which all guests can use during their night on the town. These funny favors shouldn't cost more than a few dollars per person-a completely acceptable price for a bachelorette party gift. Some examples include silly sunglasses, printed T-shirts, and mini bottles of liquor. In some instances, the bride may decide to give a more substantial gift, especially if the bachelorette party is a destination celebration. Although the gifts will likely be more practical, they still shouldn't break the bank. Spend what you feel comfortable per person-everyone will appreciate your generosity.

When should you give them?

Heading out of town and giving everyone a cute luggage tag and sunglasses? Give each girl her gift in the airport. If you're celebrating with a spa day and wanted to give everyone a little bottle of bubbly to enjoy pre-treatment, break them out in the lounge. Planning a staycation in your own city and you want to give your group mini recovery kits at the end? Hand them over on Sunday brunch. There's no right or wrong answer-just do whatever makes the most sense for your bachelorette.

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