There's always room for improvement.

By Aleesha Thomas
October 09, 2018

Whether you've been married for six months or ten years, it's no secret that maintaining a happy, healthy marriage requires work on the part of both spouses. Even if you and your husband or wife already enjoy a wonderful marriage, there's always room for a little improvement. If you're looking for easy ways to become an even better partner, we're here to help. We talked to licensed marriage and family therapist Brooke Riehl to get the scoop on the simplest things you can do to increase marital bliss.

Work on your marriage by working on yourself.

If you want to better your relationship with your partner, first work on how you're treating yourself. "What are you doing for self-care? Do you have any hobbies? Are there any issues from your past you need to work through? How is your self-esteem? Is there anyone in your life you need to reconcile with?" asks Riehl. The healthier you are, the healthier you can be for your partner. If you don't fuel yourself, you will have nothing left to offer in your relationship.

Dream and set goals.

Establishing goals and dreams as a couple is so important for your relationship; you can get lost if you don't know where you're going. "Come up with both individual and couple goals. It can be helpful for couples to set goals with each other for one, five, and ten years. They're a good way to push one another towards greatness," advises Riehl. "Be sure to motivate and support each other with concrete action steps. Have fun with this!"

Initiate intimacy.

Has the honeymoon stage officially worn off? Spice things up! "Whether that is sex, date nights, themed parties, new hobbies, or a fun new routine, be spontaneous and playful with your partner," says Riehl. "Start a bucket list and begin crossing things off. It is never too early or too late to bond over shared experiences,"


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