And her Christmas Eve proposal story is incredibly sweet.
Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly Engagement Photo

What's Christmas without the accompanying holiday proposals? This year, Kacey Musgraves was the lucky girl, and her engagement story is ultra sweet.

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The country singer posted a ring selfie on Instagram yesterday of a gorgeous round diamond in front of a beautiful Christmas tree. "I didn't say yes ... I said HELL YESSSS!!" shared the star. "I finally know what everyone means when they say 'you just know,'" she added.

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According to an explanatory follow-up video, the proposal was heartwarmingly personal. With the help of Musgraves' sister and brother-in-law, Kelly had his new fiancée's childhood bedroom dolled up in nostalgic Christmas décor. "I was bewildered and confused when I saw it all and turned around and the song 'Two For The Road' by Henry Mancini was playing," wrote Musgraves in the video caption. She turned around, "and he was on his knee with a baby pink velvet ring box and the sparkliest thing I've ever seen!"

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Hosting the proposal in the songwriter's familial home turned out to be the perfect decision. "Of all the places in the world I've gotten to see, nowhere could mean more than this happening in tiny Golden, Texas in the house that completely made me who I am," Musgraves said.

She also shared snapshots from and of bedroom itself, which was all decked out in red, tinsel, and Christmas lights.

Finally, a fifth post thanked Kelly's accomplices, who helped make the whole thing happen.

On his end, Kelly was also thrilled, taking to Instagram to announce the engagement, too. "Last night I became the luckiest, proudest and happiest man ever," the musician wrote. "I asked the brightest light in my life to marry me."

Musgraves and Kelly first made news earlier this year, when the latter began appearing on the former's social media pages, reports Us Weekly. Merry Christmas and congratulations to the couple for sealing the deal with a ring.


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