Besides blushing and running into the next room.
Credit: Walter B. McKenzie

Though some may steer clear of the task, it's not uncommon for brides to open their gifts during a shower. As the bride, this can mean that you'll be put on the spot for an instantly positive reaction and courteous response to whatever surprises get thrown your way. Whether you find yourself opening a repeat of another gift, an unexpected set of lingerie, something you know is a re-gift, or a present you're just not that into, here are a few tips for brushing off the awkward moment.

Be gracious.

First off, smile and thank the gift giver no matter how awkward the box you've just opened may be. It's not uncommon for guests to confuse bridal showers with lingerie showers, and this could lead to you opening a gift that's not entirely crowd appropriate. But no matter how embarrassed you may be for yourself, you can imagine the gift giver will be just as mortified. Shoot a genuine thank-you in their direction and handle it with a smile and some grace, maybe even a laugh if that's what you need. You can always make a joke out of it with them after the shower.

Compliment the gift giver on their creativity.

If you've opened a gift that wasn't on your registry and you're not so sure about, send a compliment in the direction of the giver. Saying something like, "Alexis, you'll have to come over to show me how to style this. You're so good at that sort of thing!" is a kind way of handling that awkward moment when you're not even sure what it is you're actually looking at.

Double the gift, double the fun.

Even when guests use a wedding registry, duplicate gifts are bound to happen. Take it in stride. Laugh it off and make a joke about how "you" the gift is. You can always work out the returns and swapping out duplicates after the shower. Make sure you have the names of both gift givers jotted down so you don't forget to thank them each for their thoughtfulness.

Send a thank-you note anyway.

No matter how weird or awkward some of the gifts you're given at your bridal shower may be, and even if you know they're being re-gifted, you should absolutely always send a timely thank-you note to the giver. The fact of the matter is that while you may not have wanted whatever the item is, someone who cares about you took the time to select it, wrap it, and present it to you because they thought it was something you'd enjoy. Whenever someone dedicates that kind of time and energy to you is a time to show gratitude for.


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