The two secrets to a happy marriage.

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and husband Hank Baskett
Credit: Kendra Wilkinson Baskett via Instagram

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett has all the relationship advice for couples making a marriage work long-distance. The Kendra on Top star just opened up about the real-life details of keeping her marriage with husband Hank strong while the couple are living a state apart-and, spoiler alert, she definitely didn't leave the physical side of things out of the conversation.

"We're dealing with a long-distance relationship right now," the mom of two, who is currently in Las Vegas for the extended run of off-Broadway comedy Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, explained according to People. She also went on to share the central detail of their still-thriving marriage: great communication skills. "We're eight years in our marriage now, so communication is what we have to hang on to right now to keep our relationship strong."

And although Kendra heads home once a week, the distance is still managing to take its toll. "To be honest with you, it was weak at first," she shared. "It was really weak. I was starting to really miss home, he was starting to miss me. It was almost like a detox we were both going through because we're so used to being together every minute of the day...Now that we're was heavy. It was pretty intense."

So how do they keep the spark alive after two kids, eight years of marriage, and a stint as a long-distance couple? Making sure they don't ignore the intimacy factor. "The other day…Hank and I were getting into a little bit of a fight. And I knew I had to go-I had to catch my flight back," Kendra said. "I'm like, 'Hank, can we just have sex please? Like in the middle of a fight. I'm like, 'I just need it! As much as I want to fight with you right now, I think I need sex more.'" The reality star's final relationship-related conclusion? "Sex makes everything better."


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