The singer was actually the one to finalize the big-day's details.

By Sarah Schreiber
September 09, 2019
nick jonas priyanka chopra
Credit: Getty

Turns out, Nick Jonas was responsible for much of his and Priyanka Chopra's three-day wedding, which took place in December 2018. According to the actress, Jonas handled finalizing the majority of the event's details in the days before the celebration—something that took a great deal of stress off the bride, who was in the process of wrapping a movie.

"Nick had come down to India because he was handling logistical things with the wedding planners while I was finishing the movie," Chopra told Entertainment Tonight. "He used to come to set for just a little bit, and go back, so having him around, my brain was like, 'Alright, this is all good. I don't have to stress out. He's handling, he's doing the heavy lifting.'"

Chopra says that the duo practices this regularly in their marriage: They're dedicated to supporting each other as they pursue their respective careers. "That's the best thing about our relationship. When he's working, I do it, when I'm working, he does. That's something that we adore and understand about each other, that our work is of precedent to us," she continued. "It was amazing to see that."

She also revealed that the film she was working on at the time of her nuptials—The Sky Is Pink, a love story—was ultimately the first project she used her married name for. "Oh my gosh, that just made it official, I guess, now that it's in my credit," she exclaimed. "[I'm] clearly not used to it. I guess it’s very, very fitting because I got married during this movie."


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