Every minute counts when wedding planning.

blue and white stationery with floral liner

Even if they're working with a professional stationer, many couples choose to putting the invitation suite together themselves as a way to save a little money. While invitation assembly can be costly, tackling this project on your own does require a good amount of time. In fact, stuffing invitations often takes couples more time than they expect-especially if their suite has several small details. To understand just how much time you need to set aside fort this task, we asked a few experts to explain the process.

Amanda Gray of Ashley Baber Weddings says you'll need about two weeks to stuff your own invitations. "Weddings aren't full time jobs and it's not worth the stress to do it all in one sitting," she says. "Create an assembly line and bring in your groom for some extra help!" Get started well ahead of the big day, as you'll want to give yourself time to stuff the envelopes as well as several weeks for your guests to reply. In general, you should give guests between six and eight weeks to RSVP.

Courtney Spencer, a planner at Merriment Events, agrees that couples are often surprised by how monotonous the task actually is, but recommends opperating on a tighter timeline to get the job done efficiently. "I usually assume it will take about two minutes to assemble each invitation and like to spread the work of assembling invitations over a few days," she says. "I recommend budgeting a full week for assembling invitations and double checking your work to be sure everything is stamped and sealed before taking the invitations to the post office."

Keep in mind that if you have several cards included in your invitation suite, that will further complicate the process of assembling the invitations properly. Kasey Schaffer at Toast Events urges couples to ask their stationery designer if they offer this as part of their service. "Typically, it is not too expensive, and it will save you a lot of time, work, and paper cuts!" she says. If you can afford to splurge on this extra, it'll save you both time and stress. If you're still set on stuffing the envelopes yourself, Gray also has a few pro tips to make sure your invitations look absolutely perfect. "Use a small sponge for wetting stamps and tweezers for expert placement of vintage postage!" she says.


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