Kate Bosworth wore one, and so did Kate Moss and Kate Middleton. The veil is making a comeback, though we would argue it never went out of style. Sara Gabriel, founder of Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces, shares her advice on what you should know before making it a part of your big-day bridal look.
Sara Gabriel of Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces

Purchase the Veil Early

A veil may seem like a finishing touch, but that doesn't mean you want to wait until all your other decisions are made to buy one. Instead, you want to select your veil three to four months before your wedding. It gives your designer time to make it, and will help avoid any rush service charges.

Bonus tip: Consider shopping for the accessory during your dress viewing. You are then standing in your gown and will be able to pair your choices to see what works best.

Know Your Budget

On the lower end of the spectrum is a very beautiful, clean, and undecorated veil that is perfect for the bride looking for something simple and elegant. On the higher end is the veil that has been hand-embroidered and encrusted in Swarovski crystals and tiny silver threads. The more detail, effort, and craftsmanship that go into a veil, the more you're going to see the price of it rise.

Consider Your Venue

Be true to yourself. If you are a bride who wants to get married on the beach and wear a ball gown, then go for it, Gabriel says. But if you'd like some direction, there are guidelines. To start, the longer and more elaborate the veil, the more formal it looks. If you're getting married in a casual setting, a shorter length or unembellished design might be more appropriate.

Kate Bosworth’s unadorned veil blew beautifully in the wind at her outdoor wedding.
| Credit: John Dolan

Frame Your Bridal Look

With veils, you want something that complements-not competes with-you and your gown. If you think of the veil as a picture frame, it could be very ornate or minimal. But the most important job of that frame is to accent the picture. And in the case of the bride, the picture is her face and her dress.

Consider Adding On a Headpiece

Don't worry if your veil is intricate or not. You can still add a headpiece. What's better? You can get away with almost any choice without throwing off your look. You might have a headpiece heavily encrusted with Swarovski crystals and pair it with a simple veil or an over-the-top one.

Consult with Your Stylist

After you've picked your hair accessories, take them in to your stylist along with some pictures of what you like. Keep your mind open to the different ways to wear your headpiece-as a headband, across your forehead, around the back, or tucked into a chignon. With the veil, the comb has to go in your hair in a certain spot and most stylists will know the tricks to make it look its prettiest.

Mariane Escalona’s headpiece and veil added a classic touch.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Always be on the lookout for trends. Blushers, for example, are coming back. Kate Middleton wore one. So did Kim Kardashian. And for good reason: There is so much romance in that moment when your father-or whoever walks you down the aisle-lifts your veil and your vows begin.

Turn It into an Heirloom Keepsake

So much can happen at your wedding. If your veil gets makeup or lipstick on it during your big day, try this trick. Take two alcohol pads and put one on either side of the stain. Voilà, it should come out. After your wedding, have a professional clean your veil and offer guidance on how to preserve it for the future.


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