Treasure your wedding photos for many years to come.
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Credit: Ben Yew

After writing check after check for every wedding-related expense, the last thing you probably want to do is drop even more money to have your wedding photos compiled into an album. Do you really need one? Facebook is forever, right? Wrong, swear the pros. Wedding photographers Liz Banfield, Jessica Lorren, and Olivia Leigh insist there's tons of value in having a beautiful, physical collection of your wedding photos. Here, their top three reasons why it's absolutely worth the investment.

It's an Heirloom

"A wedding album is essential for commemorating the event for generations to come," explains Banfield. "As a child, I used to love to look at my parents' wedding album. It was a window into their world at the beginning of their marriage that I will always treasure." Besides, there are some moments that just don't feel as warm and fuzzy when punctuated by the click of a trackpad, Banfield points out. "As a family we sit together on our anniversary and look at our wedding pictures that were preserved in an archival album. I don't think the same tradition would hold if all the pictures were just on the computer."

It Stands the Test of Time

As technology changes and evolves, it's comforting to know you'll have a version of your album that's compatible with the times instead of getting sucked into what Leigh calls the black hole of the internet. "Do you know where those photos you posted on MySpace 15 years ago are?" she asks. "I certainly don't! Printing your favorite photos in an album allows you to chance to really showcase the best of the best in a beautiful storytelling format, and helps ensure you have a physical piece to remember your celebration."

It's Priceless

"When my clients have been forced to evacuate their homes due to hurricanes or fires, they say the first thing they grab is their wedding album," says Lorren. "It's an honor to work with my couples in creating something so deeply important to them." Though the expense might feel like a lot when you're signing on the dotted line, a wedding album is one of the few things that increases in value over time. But you don't need to go all out to commemorate the big day, says Banfield. "If budget is a concern, think about doing an album with fewer pictures or even a box with your 10 favorites matted inside. Getting the edit down to the very essence of the day is all you need."


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