If you want the big day captured on social media, you're going to need some help.
Photo by William Iven

You know that your photographer will document the most important moments and details of your wedding, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to relive the big day through the eyes of your guests. The very best way to do that is with a social media hashtag, which allows you to easily gather photos taken by family and friends. The first step is brainstorming a unique and catchy hashtag; online generators, friends and family, and your wedding planner might be able to help. The hard part isn't over once you've decided on the perfect play on words, though. You'll still need to get your loved ones to use it. Here, five ideas that will get your guests excited to use your #hashtag throughout the ceremony and reception.

Use It Before the Wedding

Some guests may hesitate to post the first photo to your wedding hashtag. Eliminate any second-guessing by tagging pictures with your custom phrase before your big day. Encourage your bridal party to use the hashtag at pre-ceremony festivities, like the bridal shower and bachelor party, and tell them to upload snapshots of themselves getting ready for the wedding.

Include Your Hashtag on the Save-the-Dates and Invitations

Start touting your hashtag as early as possible by printing it on your wedding stationery. Guests will immediately know that your party is "social media friendly," so there's no confusion before the big day.

Print The Hashtag in the Ceremony Program

Even if you've promoted your hashtag on your wedding stationery, there's a good chance that some guests have forgotten about it. Give them a friendly reminder by including the hashtag in your ceremony program. Your social stream will fill with adorable pictures of your processional, vow exchange, and first kiss!

Add It to Any Wedding Signage

Keep your hashtag at the top of everyone's mind by including it on any reception signage-on the bar, near the centerpieces at the dinner tables, along the buffet tables, and so forth. The more guests see it, the more they'll be prompted to post a photo.


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