Avoid these major makeup don'ts before your walk down the aisle.
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Wedding makeup can be a tricky beauty topic to navigate, especially since there's a lot of planning involved in making sure your look is perfect on one of the most special days of your life. With that being said, although there are a number of different things you should plan to do in terms of bridal beauty, there are other things beauty pros strongly urge brides to avoid. If you're looking to see what irritates makeup artists (we consulted two amazing experts) the most, here are five things you'll definitely want to avoid doing on your wedding day.

Don't Wax, Pull, or Poke Anything on Your Face Yourself

Although that last-minute tweeze or pluck may seem tempting, expert makeup artists like Mar R., Creative Director of TEAM Hair & Makeup, often recommend booking any professional treatments weeks (and even months) apart from the actual wedding day. With that said, she strongly discourages brides attempting at-home treatments themselves, especially if they haven't actually tried them before, just before the wedding. "I could write a book on the things I've seen brides do right before their wedding day, which have gone terribly wrong," she says.

Don't Try Any Distracting Beauty Looks

Your makeup artist isn't lying to you when she says that a clean and simple makeup palette can definitely go a long way. Mar R. couldn't agree more, as she says overly distracting makeup should be avoided, especially since they may leave your groom and guests a bit confused when you finally walk down the aisle. "Don't let your hair and makeup be a distraction walking down the aisle," she suggests. "This may leave your groom wondering who the heck is that?"

Don't Be Late for Your Appointment

Being late to appointments is a huge pet peeve for any makeup artist, says Katherine McCall, Event Coordinator at Facetime Beauty, but being late is also throwing off your own schedule. To avoid any unwanted disruptions on your wedding day, McCall recommends designating a friend or a family member as a point-person that can answer any questions caterers, photographers, and coordinators may have the day-of.

Don't Sit Down in the Chair Entirely Distracted

Another thing makeup artists can't stand? Brides that are always on their phones, says McCall. Your artist is giving you their undivided attention, so it's important for the bride to return the favor. "Give your makeup artist the same respect and attention they are giving you," she advises. Plus, you need to be able to answer their questions and help finalize the look.

Don't Make Any Last Minute Changes

Once you and your artist have decided on makeup look, McCall says it's important to stick to it. Flipping your vision last minute rarely ends with success, (McCall suggests its detrimental to both parties involved) so sticking to the original plan is always the best idea.


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