Wearing the real ring is a big concern for many brides.
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Credit: Kayla Barker

You've probably heard that some brides wear a fake engagement ring on their honeymoon out of fear of getting the real ring damaged or dirty, losing it, or getting it stolen. Even if the ring is insured, these are all legitimate concerns. Sure, your ring can be replaced, but it's so special because your significant other chose it for you, and you don't want anything to happen to it. If you're wondering whether or not you should wear a different, inexpensive ring for the honeymoon, read on. You're the only person who can decide what's right for you, but we've spelled out the pros and cons to consider.

Pro: You can be active.

Whether you go hiking in the mountains or snorkeling in the sea, if you're wearing a $25 fake ring, you can be as physical as you want without worrying your precious diamond will fall off in the woods or the water.

Con: A fake ring will feel fake.

And that's because you'll know it's not your real engagement ring. Even if you get a cubic zirconium that closely resemble the original stone, it won't compare to your beautiful sparkler back home.

Pro: You will have a stress-free time.

Your honeymoon hotel room may have a safe, but you'll still be worried about that expensive bauble getting lost or stolen. If it's tucked into a safe-deposit box or in another secure place at home, you won't have to give your engagement ring a second thought while you're away.

Con: You may feel less like yourself.

Every time you look down at your hand, you may feel like something is missing. After all, you've been wearing the ring for months and it practically feels like a part of you now. You love the ring for so many reasons-because he picked it out by himself, because it's gorgeous, because it represents your love for each other. Now, at the happiest time in your life, it's not a part of you, and that just feels wrong.


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