There are some unexpected benefits to saying "I do" by daylight.
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Chances are that you haven't seriously considered a daytime wedding. But despite the bad rap they often get, there are a lot of pros-and really very few cons-to a daytime fête that are worth noting when you're in the early stages of planning. Here are five reasons you might want to rethink what time you will throw your wedding, planners say.

It's better for your budget.

There are myriad reasons a daytime wedding can be less expensive: Not only is your venue likely to offer discounted daytime rate-or a less costly food-and-beverage minimum-you can almost count on guests drinking less than they would at night-and that means you can save big bucks on booze, points out Jamie Chang, owner of destination-wedding planning Mango Muse Events and Passport to Joy. Plus, you won't need special lighting to illuminate your reception space, "which is also budget friendly," Chang explains. "And every place you can save money means you can put it towards something else or just not spend it, which is a huge bonus if you're working on a tight budget or want to hire a special photographer."

You can serve an unexpected menu.

"Many guests associate a wedding with filet and sea bass," says Carrie Darling, owner of Carrie Darling Events in Naples, Florida. But by throwing a daytime wedding, you can throw an expected menu out the window-and replace it with more interesting options. "Hosting a daytime event opens a whole new door for bring creative with a menu-think: of made-to-order crepes, an omelet station, or even gourmet pizzas," Darling suggests.

You won't have to rush photos.

By having your wedding during the day, you'll only have natural light to work with-which is better for photos. And you won't have to race against the setting sun. As Darling explains, "When a couple opts against doing a first look, it can put a lot of pressure on the photographer to get all of the photos done in a short time before the light fades. But with a daytime wedding, the couple doesn't have to see each other ahead of time to take advantage of the sunlight."

You can plan interesting activities.

If it seems odd to dance during the day, you can offer other activities that your guests can enjoy, like lawn games, board and table games, piñatas, and much more. "For the couple looking to do something different or interact more with their guests, a daytime wedding can allow more time for [those special activities] instead of just dancing and drinking," explains Chang.

You can relax at night however you choose.

When your daytime wedding wraps up-likely around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m.-you will have the whole night to enjoy however you want. "A wedding can be stressful, and I often feel like couples are holding their breath until all of the formalities are complete and they can finally let loose and enjoy friends and family," says Darling. But couples with daytime weddings can keep the party going if they choose-or spend a more laid-back, non-scripted evening with loved ones or even by themselves, Chang says. What you do is totally up to you!


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