We're seeing coats of arms everywhere, from ceremony backdrops to seating chart displays.
Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers

Family crests are a longstanding wedding tradition-the British monarchy proves that. Contemporary couples, however, are finding new ways to introduce a coat of arms into their big day. Instead of visually representing family traits and estates, these pairs are choosing looser interpretations of the classic symbol. The result? Crest-shaped wedding décor. Though these stately structures don't necessarily act as heirloom monograms, they add a dash of tradition-and a whole lot of pretty-to your celebration. Here, a few of our favorite crest-inspired accents, from ceremony backdrops and seating chart displays to mini cocktail menus.

Leafy Backdrop

The above ceremony backdrop, created by Philosophy Flowers, acted as a crest-shaped frame to two of the duo's venues' most impressive details: the lake and breathtaking Telluride mountains.

crest wedding decor the poffs
Credit: The Poffs

Seating Chart

Peanut Press brought this coat of arms seating chart display to life. Each crest represented a distinct table and was complete with guests' names. The calligraphed board, designed by Spreading Lovely, was flanked with rose, greenery, and pampas grass arrangements by Michelle Lywood.

crest wedding decor corbin gurkin

Signature Cocktail Menu

This creative crest might not have outlined the couple's legacy, but it did reveal something just as personal-their signature wedding cocktail. The mini menus, which simultaneously acted as a bar coaster, were crafted by Signora e Mare.

crest wedding decor megan burges photography

Reception Sign

White Door Events' baroque-style crest signage, complete with the bride's new initial, dressed up the live entertainment's stage.

crest wedding decor dana fernandez

Wooden Backdrop

This wooden backdrop, designed by Nib and Pixel, made by Post-Studio Projects, and adorned with florals by Bramble & Bee, made a double appearance during this fête: first, at the ceremony (it acted as the couple's altar backdrop!) and again during the outdoor reception.


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