It's actually a lot easier than you think.

By Ellie Finn
February 21, 2019
sofi ben camp wedding veil

Wearing an heirloom veil is the perfect way to add some extra style and meaning to your wedding-day look. But what should you do if you have your heart set on wearing a very traditional family veil but fell in love with a more contemporary wedding dress? Fear not, says custom dress designer Amanda Catherine. "You can do so much with a vintage veil to make it modern while still keeping the sentimental factor."

For starters, Catherine recommends addressing any discoloration issues brought on by time by consulting with a professional. "I work with a local artist who restores and revives vintage costumes for local museums in my area," she says. "She uses textile science to test and to correct the fabrications." Getting a match in hue is the first step to creating a cohesive look, as a veil that's a radically different color than your wedding dress will definitely stand out.

Next, consider the length of your veil, and don't be afraid to give yours a good chop (with the help of a professional!) if its current size doesn't work with your wedding dress or the vibe you're going for. Altering a cathedral or floor-length veil to a more manageable (and less traditional) fingertip or blusher-length may be all it takes to modernize your accessory.

Last but not least, think about creative add-ons: Sometimes all it takes to get a veil from "gram" to "glam" is a simple upgrade. Whether it's replacing a veil comb or incorporating some of the same embellishments use on your gown's bodice or train, Catherine says the addition of small, thoughtful details can really bridge the gap between a vintage veil and a modern wedding dress.


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