8 Tips for Suiting Up for a Same-Sex Wedding

Be a best-dressed couple on the big day with this advice on coordinating your gay wedding attire from fashion pro John Paul Tran.


Since the ruling of the Supreme Court case allowing same-sex marriage, there has been one question on a lot of male couples' minds: "What do we wear to our ceremony?" Well, guys, you've got a unique set of considerations when choosing wedding attire. The one on top of the list is, "Should we match?"

You're joining in marriage to share your lives together-not because you're becoming one person. So I say, "Nah, don't match!"

Jean Laurent Gaudy

Instead, consider coordinating. Simple variances in your suits, such as color, silhouette, or how you accessorize, can easily differentiate you from your partner. Here are some easy ways to go from matching to coordinating:

  • Wear the same suit, but in two different hues.
  • Don matching jackets and non-matching pants.
  • Choose shirts in different colors or patterns.
  • Mix up the accessories; for example, one of you wears a bow tie and the other dons a necktie.
  • Sport different tie colors or patterns.
  • Tuck away unique pocket squares.
  • Slip on your own style of shoes.
  • Accessorize with different colors or patterns of socks.
Coordinating Grooms
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