The groom-to-be said that the proposal unfolded naturally out on the front lines.


So many brave members of the Black community and their allies all across the country are continuing to protest racism and the murder of George Floyd—including couple Xavier Young and Marjorie Alston. A few days ago, the pair took part in a historical protest in Raleigh, North Carolina, and made history in the context of their own relationship, too. According to E! News, Xavier asked Marjorie Alston to marry him on the front lines—and the proposal unfolded in a beautiful and spur-of-the-moment way.

Xavier told the outlet that because Marjorie is pregnant, they weren't initially planning to attend the protest. But after thinking it through, and deciding they would stick together, they decided to go. He packed a bag with essentials, which actually included the engagement ring. When he stopped with Marjorie and a friend to get water out of his bag at the rally, he remembered that he packed the ring and knew the moment was right to get down on one knee. "Boom, proposal," he thought.

Luckily a photographer wasn't too far away to witness the moment and capture it all. "I had my camera with me to document it for my company, 4C Visuals Group," photographer Charles Crouch said. "I just happened to be standing right there when he went down on his knee. I began taking pictures," he told the outlet. He went on to share three photos of the proposal, captioning the slideshow on Instagram: "Went downtown to the protest against police brutality. I was blessed to capture this proposal in the midst of what would become chaos."

The groom-to-be took to his Instagram to document the moment for himself, too, captioning the proposal video: "Making history while witnessing history #blacklivesmatter #blacklovematters #raleighnc."


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