Pottery Gifts for Your Eighth Wedding Anniversary

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Marissa Maharaj

Eight years have passed since you and your spouse exchanged vows. As you get closer to a decade of matrimony, you're probably feeling extra nostalgic—those wedding-day flashbacks (and all of those emotions!) are hitting you hard. As you consider all the ways to celebrate eight incredible years—maybe you'll plan a vow renewal!—consider expressing those heartfelt sentiments with the year's traditional wedding gift. If you've done any eight-year-anniversary gift searches, you've probably discovered that the classic gift medium of choice is pottery. It's as natural and organic as your relationship (an apt metaphor, if there ever was one!) and is a go-to choice for many couples who want to signify this landmark celebration.

That's why we've put together a curated list of pottery gifts that your partner is guaranteed to love. From the prettiest ceramic kitchenware (just wait until you see the nesting bowls!) to an essential bathroom set, we've included plenty of home-based gifts for the couple who is always looking to cultivate their space. We also kept your hobbies in mind when putting together this gift guide. Whether she's a gardener (we found the coolest planters) or he's a music buff (check out the ceramic guitar picks), we think there's a gift here for every spouse. Not seeing anything that resonates? No worries—we've included a company that will 3D-print virtually any object you can think of in a ceramic material. How's that for creative?

However you decide to celebrate this special occasion, a pottery-based present is a surefire way to commemorate your eighth anniversary. Click through for all of the ceramic gift inspiration you'll need while searching for the perfect item.

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Sake Set

Apollo Japanese Ceramic Sake Set
Courtesy of Apollo

This modern set comes with two tea cups and a tea pot—add a bottle of her favorite sake and bring home dinner for a complete gift.

Shop Now: Apollo Japanese Ceramic Sake Set, $51.43, theappollobox.com.

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Norden Ceramic Candle Set
Courtesy of Verishop

Buy her a candle that does more than make the living room smell pretty; this set also serves as a statement piece of décor.

Shop Now: Norden Ceramic Candle Set, $95, verishop.com.

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Salt Cellar

pottery anniversary gifts salt cellar farmouse pottery
Courtesy of Farmhouse Pottery

This sweet little pot makes adding just a pinch of sea salt to your favorite dishes a breeze.

Shop Now: Farmhouse Pottery "Big Bee" Salt Cellar, $145, farmhousepottery.com.

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Ceramic Pitcher

Tia Mowry x Etsy White Matte Beverage Pitcher
Courtesy of Etsy

After eight years together, you know just how your spouse likes their iced tea. Pour a couple of glasses and celebrate your anniversary with this thoughtful gift.

Shop Now: Tia Mowry x Etsy White Matte Beverage Pitcher, $166, etsy.com.

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Williams Sonoma Blue & White Ceramic Planter
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

His fiddle leaf fig tree can't sit in that plastic pot forever. Give his favorite plants a new home—and your interior a touch of sleek mid-century design—with this streamlined planter.

Shop Now: Williams Sonoma Blue & White Ceramic Planter, $139.95, williams-sonoma.com.

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Hanging Planter

Bloomscape Hanging Pot in Clay
Courtesy of Bloomscape

Alternatively, hang 'em up! This speckled pot comes with natural twine, which will make suspending your favorite vines in a sun-filled window so simple.

Shop Now: Bloomscape Hanging Pot in Clay, $35, bloomscape.com.

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Nesting Bowls

Gleena Ceramics Nested Ceramic Pour Bowls in Blues
Courtesy of Food52

No cook's kitchen is complete without a set of nesting bowls. The beautiful ombré colorway adds a little something extra to your countertop.

Shop Now: Gleena Ceramics Nested Ceramic Pour Bowls in Blues, $155 for set of three, food52.com.

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Vitruvi Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser in Charcoal
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Keep the good vibes—and scents—coming year after year with this nifty essential oil diffuser.

Shop Now: Vitruvi Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser in Charcoal, $119, nordstrom.com.

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3D-Printed Ceramics

pottery anniversary gifts kwambio ceramics
Courtesy of Kwambio

Ready to get creative? This company will print just about any object (yep!) you can think of in the highest-quality, most durable ceramic materials. We're partial to the modern candle holders, pictured here.

Shop Now: Kwambio 3D-Printed Ceramics, price available upon request, kwambio.com.

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Milk Jug

New York Stoneware "Handthrown Rustic" Pitcher in Denim
Courtesy of Food52

Make your love's morning cup that much better with a little carafe to hold their milk of choice.

Shop Now: New York Stoneware "Handthrown Rustic" Pitcher in Denim, from $120, food52.com.

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Vegetable Dish

Martha Stewart Collection "Whiteware" Covered Vegetable Bowl
Courtesy of Macy's

Made of porcelain, this beautiful gift will remind you both of your anniversary every time you make dinner.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection "Whiteware" Covered Vegetable Bowl, $75, macys.com.

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Ceramic Cups

Justina Blakeney "Kaya" Ceramic Cups
Courtesy of Jungalow

Artfully crafted, these colorful cups make for lovely anniversary gifts. Choose an assortment of hues for a vintage-y feel.

Shop Now: Justina Blakeney "Kaya" Ceramic Cups, $20, jungalow.com.

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Serena & Lily table lamp
Courtesy of Serena & Lily

Nightstand need a refresh? This ceramic lamp is neutral enough to blend in with just about any décor.

Shop Now: Serena & Lily "Abbey" Table Lamp in White, $398, serenaandlily.com.

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Soap Dish

The White Company Marble Soap Dish
Courtesy of The White Company

Make your bathroom vanity that much sleeker with a ceramic soap dish.

Shop Now: The White Company Marble Soap Dish, $22, thewhitecompany.com.

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Coffee Cup

Ceramic coffee cup
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Here's something he'll get a kick out of. This mug pays homage to those iconic New York City diner cups, which virtually guarantees that your guy will reach for it every morning.

Shop Now: Uncommon Goods Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup, $12, uncommongoods.com.

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Guitar Picks

Harry Leaf Ceramic Heart Guitar Pick
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Bet you didn't know that you can play guitar with a ceramic pick. Blow his mind with one of these beauties—they last so much longer than plastic varieties!—which are hand-crafted in San Francisco.

Shop Now: Harry Leaf Ceramic Heart Guitar Pick, $20, uncommongoods.com.

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Charging Dock

Stak Ceramics "Timekeeper" Apple Watch Dock
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Hide unsightly cords in style with this ceramic charging dock. It's an anniversary gift-meets-organizer that's oh so sleek.

Shop Now: Stak Ceramics "Timekeeper" Apple Watch Dock, $82, urbanoutfitters.com.

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Ceramic condiment holder
Courtesy of Jung Lee

Serve up your favorite hummus and homemade salsa in this four-compartment dish, designed with the hostess in mind.

Shop Now: L'Objet "Cubisme Codiment" Server, $250, junleeny.com.

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