Weigh the positives and negatives before you make your final decision.

By Courtney Leiva
March 27, 2019
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Credit: Jose Villa

Although prepping for your wedding at the actual venue (we're talking hair, makeup, and photos) may seem attractive, expert wedding planners say that traveling to your ceremony and reception location hours before the ceremony isn't always necessary, especially if you're on the fence about it. While there are some definite benefits to getting ready in a bridal suite, there are also plenty of perks associated with getting ready at home, too. "Getting ready at home has a ton of advantages, including the convenience of not having to pack up and move to another location, having more space for your bridal party, and having more space for hair and makeup," says Megan Detweiler, associate planner at Anna Lucia Events. "It also adds more of a personal touch to your getting ready photos."

To help you decide whether or not getting ready for your wedding at home is right for you, we spoke to Detweiler and other expert planners about the pros and cons of prepping for the big day in your own space.

Pro: You'll Take Incredibly Memorable Photos

Whether you choose to get ready in your childhood home or the space you now live in with your soon-to-be husband, getting ready in your own space has an added level of intimacy. Naturally, Detweiler says that this makes for incredibly beautiful, meaningful photos. "Having professional photos taken at your own home would mean so much more than those taken anywhere else," she says.

Con: You May Come Home to a Messy House

Although getting ready at home means having more space, Jesse Tombs of Alison Events Planning + Design says it's important to remember that, unlike at a hotel or wedding venue, you're usually the one who's responsible with putting the space back together after the fun is over. "If you host people in your home on your wedding day, you won't have access to room service or other hotel services," Tombs explains. Assuming that coming home to a messy space isn't your thing, getting ready in your own house may not be the right choice for you-unless, of course, you're okay with hiring a cleaning service to come in while you're at the wedding.

Pro: Hair and Makeup Artists Can Come to You

Alicia Fritz, owner of A Day in May Events, says that there's no need to worry about your hair and makeup artists not being willing to help you get ready for the wedding at home-in fact, the majority of these pros are used to traveling and working remotely on the big day. With that being said, she reminds brides that paying for stylists to travel to you can still be expensive, so it's an important factor to keep in mind as you finalize your budget.

Con: Getting Ready at Home Requires More Coordination ​

"Getting ready at home does take a bit more advance coordination to ensure that everything goes smoothly," said Laurie Arons, founder of Laurie Arons Special Events. It's important to arrange breakfast (and coffee) for all the 'maids and hair and makeup team if starting early, she says. Arons also says it's wise to get a list of the necessary tables, chairs, and barstools from the glam team in advance to be sure their workspaces are ready.


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