One bride-to-be shares her experience halfway through her Invisalign treatments.

I'm smack dab in the middle of my Invisalign treatment – currently on aligner set five of 10. At this point, I have become very comfortable and accustomed to the particulars of the treatment. I'll be honest; the first set of aligners was a big adjustment for me, especially since I have never experienced traditional braces before. My teeth were quite sore and I remember only wanting to eat soft foods the first few days. Now, the only times I feel a little sore are when I first switch to a new aligner set. I think my mouth has gotten used to the feeling of my teeth shifting.

Dress shopping with my bridesmaids.

Adjusting my eating schedule also took some getting used to, since I stopped snacking as much as I did pre-treatment. I'm still struggling with this a little bit. I try to fill myself up during the three main meals of the day with larger portions. Before beginning treatment, my main meals were smaller since I would have mid-morning and afternoon snacks. At the beginning of the Invisalign process, my dentist attached "buttons" to some of my teeth. Buttons are small, hard bumps that are cemented onto the outside of the teeth that act as anchors. During the first week of treatment, when I did not have my aligners in, they would drive me crazy because it felt like something was in my mouth that I couldn't get out. Now, I don't even notice them.

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Recently, I have noticed more of a dramatic change in my teeth. My bite feels much different and one of my lower teeth no longer sticks out and over my upper teeth. When I first began the treatment and experienced some of the discomfort and discipline required, I was really hoping everything would work out. At this point, I'm really not worried at all since I'm beginning to see visible results. So far, I have had one dentist appointment. Dr. Collins said that everything was going according to plan – a great reassurance!

My next appointment is in four weeks and I'm anxious to hear about my progress. I do get nervous from time to time that something will happen to lengthen my treatment. But, I believe that as long as I stay disciplined and keep wearing the aligners as directed (22 hours a day is recommended), that everything will work out. If everything stays on track, my treatment will be complete in just a short three months!

At dinner with my fiance.

Before the Invisalign treatment, I would try not to really think about my teeth very much. Now, I'm excited about them! I even found a pin that talks about foods and drinks to avoid a couple months before the wedding to prevent staining for the Bridal Beauty Diaries Board. I hope other brides find it helpful as well.

Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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