The FAQs of being engaged.

You know how everyone was asking when he was going to propose, now everyone wants to know exactly how he proposed, and all the other details that go hand-in-hand with wedding planning. Let the drilling begin! A bombardment of inquiries can get a bit overwhelming, that's why we create a little cheat sheet of some of the most common questions that you're bound to encounter throughout the engagement period. Here are a few ways to handle busybodies.

Let me see that ring?

Rings sparkle and it makes sense that most people want to see that gem up close. Now is the time to curb that nail-biting habit and maybe even get a manicure. Some uncouth admirers might ask, "How many carats is that?" Don't feel like you have to reply, just shrug and change the subject.

How did he propose?

Compose two versions of the story: one that covers all the details for close friends and family, and a short summary for acquaintances. That way, when yet another co-worker asks if he actually got down on one knee, you won't ramble on.

When's the big day?

Even those of us who are married, and know that picking a day is complex, can't help but ask if you've picked your date immediately after the proposal. (We're all just so excited for you!) As you're about to find out, choosing a date is very much dependent on choosing a venue and that takes some legwork. Keep your reply sweet and short by alluding to the desired season.

Have you picked your colors/dress/flowers?

Unless you've been adding to the Dream Wedding Pinterest board, chances are, your early wedding vision is all over the place. What's more, you're discovering that not every idea falls into your budget or wedding season. Discussing the wedding as a whole can be overwhelming, so focus on your current project.

Are you going to have a baby right away, or wait?

For some reason, people close to you-especially older family members-think it's completely normal to pry into your future reproductive plans. Tempting as it may be to roll your eyes or go off into some obscure explanation, realize that the person asking the question means well, even if she's nosy. Reverse the question and ask when she had kids.

Are you changing your name?

Taking on your husband's last name is no longer de rigueur-this means you should not have to justify if you decide to keep your maiden name. A simple, "yes" or "no" gets right to the point.

Who are you inviting?

What the person really wants to know, is A) whether he is invited and B) whether he will know anyone else. If he's a definite invite, allude that you're working on save-the-dates, but if you are a bit more selective, it's ok to say that you're keeping it small (hint-hint!). Anyone tacky enough to ask if an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is on the guest list deserves a look with a raised eyebrow.

Where is the honeymoon?

Not everyone takes a honeymoon right off the bat, and if that's the case, say that you'll plan it once the wedding is over. Otherwise, go ahead and brainstorm possible destinations. You might get some useful advice, like when to avoid a Caribbean island because of rainy season.

Are you having a bachelorette party?

Whether you have a crazy bachelorette weekend or a more low-key getaway with a few close girlfriends, no need to go into all the details. You're not the one planning it, after all. If you feel that a friend is trying to get in on the action, but you don't plan on inviting her, play dumb and say that with all the wedding planning chaos the party is TBD.


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