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If your girlfriends are planning to throw you a party to celebrate your last days of singlehood, chances are his bros are planning on throwing him one, too. You've heard all the stories of bachelor parties with guys gone wild (The Hangover debauchery was legendary) but in real life not every guy wants to spend the night with a stripper or the next day with an epic headache. Many just want to eat rib eyes, do shots, and maybe smoke cigars at a local hot spot with their best buds. Or they want to hop a plane to a party hub like Las Vegas, Los Cabos, or Austin, and have fun surrounded by slot machines, sand, or song. But it takes work to put together a memorable guys-only group fest. Help out the best man by sending him the link to this bachelor-party checklist. (Strippers not included.)

The Best Man's Duties:

  • Talk to the groom about his party preferences. Does he want drinks and dinner in town, a weekend away (where?), or a sports-focused activity like going to a baseball game?
  • Figure out who to invite. Ask the groom for any email addresses you don't already have. If the bride has brothers, put them on the list, too.
  • Discuss possible party dates with the groom and groomsmen. Pick the one that works for the most people. Don't make it right before the wedding, or the bride will come after you and it won't be pretty. A few weeks to a month ahead is best.
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  • Do some preliminary research so you can establish a budget. Will airfare and hotel accommodations be affordable the weekend your group is planning to fly? If you're meeting up for dinner at the upscale steakhouse in your area, is a pricey meal in everyone's budget? How much do baseball tickets cost?
  • Get back to the guys with the budget. If everyone is onboard, book it; if not, rethink your plans. Remember to discuss which of the groom's expenses will be picked up by the group.
  • Email invitations. Do this about eight weeks before a destination bachelor party and include the flight and hotel info plus the dates. If the bash is local, mail invites two weeks before the wedding and give the date, time, and the restaurant or bar's name and address.
  • Book any flights. Make sure the other revelers book theirs. Same with the hotel. Figure out any other transportation needs, like rental cars or shuttles.
  • Make restaurant reservations. This is especially necessary if you want to hit popular restaurants.
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The Groomsmen's Duties:

  • Give opinions about the prospective bachelor party dates, plans, and budget.
  • Make any reservations (air, hotel, car) necessary.
  • Be prepared to have fun, but nothing that'll land you in jail.
  • Pay your share of any bill.
  • Keep an eye out for the groom-he should be having the most fun without it also involving jail time.
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