7 Things to Consider Before Planning a Country Club Wedding

Here's how to throw a timeless, elegant, and unforgettable event in this type of venue.

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Many people associate country clubs with exclusive memberships, well-manicured lawns, and recreational sports. Although they sometimes get a "stuffy" reputation, most country clubs are far from it, and are often beautiful locations for traditional weddings. If you're thinking about planning a classic celebration at your local club, here are seven things to consider along the way.

Membership Requirements

It's a common question: Do you need to be members of the country club to host a wedding there? The answer varies depending on location. Some country clubs only let members host events, while others allow bookings for those "sponsored" by members. Additionally, you may find country clubs that open their doors to the public. Always do you research and understand club policies before getting your heart set on it as your venue.

The Setting

Although country clubs are known for their lush landscapes, they often have stunning interiors, too. Tour the venue to find the perfect spot for your vows, whether it's in an elegant ballroom or near a rustic gazebo. Most country clubs have locations that can accommodate intimate weddings, large ceremonies, and everything in between. If you're getting married outside, make sure you're happy with the backup location in the event of rain (or rent a tent, just in case).

Dinner Services

While some venues offer prix-fixe menus for events, others allow collaboration with the chef to create a custom menu. In addition, most locations can handle any service style (plated, cocktail-style, and buffet). It's the couple's responsibility to inquire about options and plan accordingly.

Other Vendors

If the country club hosts many weddings, they may have their own planner, florist, bartender, rentals, and DJ-all of which may or may not be included in the wedding package. If you prefer hiring outside help, ask the country club for permission; some may have a strict "no other vendors" policy.

Décor Options

One big benefit of tying the knot at a country club is the gorgeous backdrop. Because most of these venues have immaculate lawns, flower beds, and landscaping, you can use the property's natural beauty to your advantage: take pictures around scenic areas of the property, scout a pretty backdrop for your ceremony, and keep the rest of your décor to a minimum. You could save big bucks on flowers and other decorations!


A bride and groom may worry that country club members will crash their festivities, but in reality, most clubs will ensure privacy at your event. The only people showing up to your party will be on the guest list! The ceremony, on the other hand, could potentially have a few spectators. Depending on the time of day, members may be on-site playing golf or dining. If this is a concern, ask about it early.

Rules and Regulations

Although your wedding is a private event, the entire country club likely won't shut down for your wedding. Therefore, you must follow rules and regulations, whether it's keeping the DJ volume to a minimum or avoiding the golf course. The venue manager will explain all of these details early on.

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