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While your wedding will be one of the happiest day of your life, it might also be the most stressful. The same can be said about the months leading up to the big day, and dealing with difficult bridesmaids-either while you plan or on the wedding day itself-only makes matters worse. Before you lose your cool with one of your attendants, check out our helpful tips for handling conflict like a pro.

Examine Your Feelings First

Is what you're upset about really all that big a deal? Is it something that you could let go of in order to avoid creating conflict? Sometimes, the issue is only personal to you. While your bridesmaids love and adore you, they aren't thinking about the details as much as you are, so they may not realize that what they've said or done hurt you. Think about why you're feeling this way. If you still think it's a problem after 24 hours, then talk to your 'maid about your hurt feelings.

Consider the Other Side

Try to be thoughtful of the other person's feelings and emotions, and give your friend the benefit of the doubt before overreacting. One of your bridesmaids might not have known how important it was to you that she make it to your third dress fitting, or that you really needed everyone's help packing up the welcome bags. If you've considered her side and still feel stung, talk about the issue with your friend in a healthy way. The key is to be firm but still gentle.


The best way to resolve a conflict is to talk about it. Lay out the facts and talk about solutions rather than passive aggressively let your anger be known. Do you have a bridesmaid who still hasn't bought her gown? Talk about how it makes you feel and be polite about asking when the purchase will be made. Coming to a conversation with your boxing gloves on will only put the other party on edge. At the end of the day, this is someone who is important enough to you to be included in the wedding. Handle your differences in a way that shows how special this relationship is to you.


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