There's a difference between fun-in-that-cheesy-kind-of-way and just plain embarrassing. Here, wedding DJs share the dance move that they're ready to see retire from wedding receptions!
Credit: Nathan Mandell

The Cha Cha Slide

Owen O'Mahoney, DJ at Aria Melody DJ, advises against organized line dances in general. The Cha Cha Slide may be entertaining for your niece's 10th birthday party, but it's not such a hot dance move when you're struggling to cha cha in your four-inch heels.

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The Chicken Dance

"I would suggest avoiding any dance moves that incorporate farm animals," O'Mahoney says. Point taken.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Brooklyn-based DJ David Medina warns against outdated dance moves like the Hook, Line, and Sinker. (Do Millennials even know what that is?!)

Cotton Eyed Joe

Medina says this country line-dance is pure fun for the Luke Bryan-loving bride, but can cross into cheesy territory really quickly.


"Don't do anything you wouldn't want your Grandma to see," Emily Day, lead singer and manager of The Cosmo Alleycats Band notes. Keep it classy at the reception, and leave the grinding for the nightclub.

The Worm

"If you can really nail the worm, awesome," O'Mahoney says. "But it usually just turns into knees and elbows banging on hardwood floors." Ouch!

Mosh Pits

Chaotic jumping, pounding fists, and flailing elbows can only mean trouble. After all, it's a wedding, not a rock concert!

Dancing with a Drink in Hand

Here's an important PSA from Day: Whatever you do, don't bring your cocktail onto the dance floor. One second you're dancing with a glass of Champagne in your hand, and the next second everyone's clearing the dance floor to sweep broken glass from the floor. Oops!


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