The Duke of Cambridge made good on this vow.

prince william duchess kate engagement photo
Credit: Mario Testino

Avid royal fans likely know that Prince William and Kate Middleton briefly pressed pause on their relationship in 2007, roughly six years into their courtship. The royal duo actually addressed the hiatus during their engagement interview: "We were both very young. It was at university, we were sort of both finding ourselves as such and being different characters and stuff, it was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up," the Duke explained. "It was just sort of a bit of space and a bit of things like that, and it worked out for the better."

What you don't know, however, is exactly how and why that reconciliation—which involved a meaningful promise the future Duke of Cambridge made to Middleton at the time—happened.

Prince William and Middleton rekindled their relationship during a secret trip to Desroches, in the Outer Seychelles, where the assumed fake names during a blissful one-week vacation, reports Marie Claire. "They stayed in the Desroches Island Resort, checking in under the names Martin and Rosemary Middleton, and went kayaking and snorkeling in the shallow coral reef," notes one of the outlet's sources, royal biographer Marcia Moody.

According to royal experts, the soon-to-be Duke made a promise to Middleton—who was, originally, concerned about the pressures of royal life—that determined the future of their relationship: They would spend the remainder of their time dating "making the most of life" before walking down the aisle—which is when they would have to turn their attention to William's responsibilities (and, by proxy, Middleton's, as well) as future king.


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