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Whether you're a makeup junkie or more of an au naturel kind of girl, you're bound to have questions about your bridal look. Don't worry-we've got you. Below are a few of your most-asked beauty queries, with real-talk answers. Wonder no more.

How early should I start a skin care routine?

That all depends on the state of your skin. If you have issues like acne or hyperpigmentation (uneven complexion), consult a skincare pro six months before the big day. Ask friends for referrals or search online. Just be sure to choose a spa or clinic that offers a wide range of treatment options. Don't commit to any service without first booking a consultation. For those blessed with a blemish-free face, you can start a skin-enhancement regimen (hello facial!) two to three months beforehand.

What's the best way to find a beauty pro?

Referrals are a bride's BFF. Ask your girls for the names of people they've used. You can also do some Facebook stalking. Click through wedding photos of friends (or friend of friends). See whose hair and makeup you love, and then find out who did it. And don't forget to put the word out via your social media network that you're in the market for a really great stylist or makeup artist. Another option: Visit your local mall or department store-most have bridal resources. And while you're there checkout makeup counters; many offer artists you can hire for the day.

How should I wear my hair?

"That depends on your dress, venue, and most importantly your comfort level," says New York stylist Lisa Bailey. "These are the things you need to take into consideration. But ultimately you want to look like a more beautiful version of yourself and feel confident." Most stylists advise opting for something that's timeless-a loose chignon, soft waves, an elegant top knot. And never feel the need to grow out your hair. "That's what extensions are for," asserts Bailey. "With them, all looks are possible."

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Should I get a spray tan, and if so, when?

For the record, there is nothing wrong with pale skin. In fact, we think a porcelain complexion is beautiful. Just look at Emma Stone, Emilia Clarke, and Amanda Seyfried. Having said that, we do understand that some brides like a beachy glow on the big day. Do a tanning trial run a month before the wedding to find out if you like the color and the technician (this also give you plenty of time to exfoliate it away if you hate it). If you're happy with your bronzing results, "repeat it three days prior to the ceremony," advises New York-based makeup artist Matthew Sky. "It's the best way to allow the tanner to settle and avoid streaks on your skin or your dress."

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How should I deal with a last-minute zit?

First on all, don't mess with it. That will only make it worse-trust us on this. Instead, call your dermatologist. A cortisone injection will zap it and make it go away in hours. If there's no time for a doctor's visit, head to the pharmacy and apply an over-the-counter product that contains either benzoyl peroxide or cortisone to help calm the redness. Once you've applied the topical fix, allow your makeup artist to work magic with a good skin-soothing concealer that hides as well as heals.

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