Let guests know exactly where they're sitting by putting personalized correspondence cards, which pull double duty as favors, at each setting.

Tools and Supplies:

  • 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper ($7.95 for 50), and A2 envelopes ($6.25 for 25, Paper Presentation)
  • High-quality paper cutter, or craft knife
  • Metal ruler


We have provided two templates that will let you print black letters on colored paper that matches your palette; simply download template 1 or template 2, edit the text with your guests' names, print (each sheet makes 4 cards for the same guest), and cut into quarters using a paper trimmer.

If you'd like to make stationery using colored ink and your own choice of fonts, like the cards in our photograph, follow these instructions. They'll help you create your stationery cards using Microsoft Word. Other word-processing or desktop-publishing programs will work as well, though the individual commands may have different names.

1. Download our Guideline Diagram PDF; this will show you the guides and text boxes you will draw in the steps that follow. Create a document using the horizontal orientation in Page Setup. Set the margins to zero.

2. Use the Objects Formatting Palette to draw lines (horizontally and vertically) that divide the paper exactly into quarters; this shows you where each card will lie. (Hint: View the document at 75 percent to make this easier.) Then mark the center of each card, drawing a vertical guide line inside each card area and centering it (2 3/4 inches from the left side of the paper and 2 3/4 inches from the right side). You will delete these before printing.

3. Insert (or draw) a text box in the upper-left card area, and center it over the guide line. Space it down from the top edge of the paper by about 3/8 inch. Type a guest's name inside the box. Format the type, choosing a font, size, and color; choose a center alignment.

4. Once you have a design you like, copy the text box and paste a new one onto the page. Then drag it into one of the other card areas; position it to align with the first text (Microsoft Word will help you align it exactly). Repeat with all the card spaces on your page. (See the illustration to know what your page should look like at this point.)

5. Delete all the guide lines, and save the file to your computer. Then simply update the text with each guest's name, print onto your paper, and cut into quarters using a high-quality paper trimmer or a craft knife and metal ruler. The resulting correspondence cards will fit inside an A2 envelope (4 3/8 by 5 3/4 inches). Create packets of cards and envelopes, and wrap with ribbon.

We used paper and envelopes in contrasting colors; Paper Presentation carries both paper and envelopes in a wide range of hues.


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