This is the ultimate #cakegoals.
Credit: Courtesy of Cake International

When trying to decide between buttercream and fondant, did you ever stop to consider that you could have a wedding cake that literally floats in midair? Well, you can. Christine Jensen of Peboryon Cakes based in Cornwall, England created this gravity-defying cake that appears to be levitated by Yoda last weekend for Cake International, one of the world's largest cake decorating and baking shows.

"Because we do both wedding and sculptural cakes we wanted to showcase both," Jensen said. "And it seemed that the best way to do that was to use a little bit of the force."

Wondering how they managed this feat of physics? While you may like to believe it's magic, the folks over at Delish think the bakers used electromagnets to make the top tier float above the other layers. "This would work by using the repelling force of two magnets' like poles-either both north or both south sides of each magnet. Because electromagnets can be very strong and push one another away completely, the weight of that top tier is helping to keep it in place. There is also no friction occurring, so once set into motion, the top magnet will continue to turn, which explains the cake's slow spin," they explain.

And if levitating wedding cakes with magnets isn't enough to blow your mind, look closely at the Yoda sculpture in the background of the photo. It's also made out of cake (600 servings of brandy-soaked British fruitcake, to be exact). Watch a time-lapse video of Yoda being constructed here and be sure to share this with your Star Wars-loving fiancé:


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