Trust us, you should consider the classic indoor space.
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Credit: Kate Headley

If you're thinking that ballroom weddings automatically equal trite décor, heavy carpets, and poor lighting, you're entirely mistaken. Although open-air weddings are popular with contemporary brides and grooms, hotel ballrooms offer quite a few perks that your favorite outdoor space does not. If you haven't considered the upsides to a classic, indoor celebration, it's time to. Here, unique ways a ballroom wedding may give you your perfect day, while also saving you some unneeded stress.

Perfect Staffing Levels

There's nothing worse than an understaffed wedding. Whether it's a lack of bartenders to pour Champagne or restrooms that are left neglected, various things fall through the cracks when an event is understaffed and the guest experience ultimately suffers. Thankfully, great hotels have an abundance of staff because they value the experience you're paying for and they understand how crucial personnel is to making your perfect day a reality. A rustic barn or remote vineyard may be picturesque venue options, but chances are these places will be bringing in outside help on the big day. They may have less experience working an event of this size, and often aren't as personally attached to making the event a success as someone who works at the property each day would be.

Convenient In-House Catering

While some foodie couples may view this a limiting factor, if the thought of agonizing of selecting passed hors d'oeuvres and wine pairings feels daunting, then a hotel's in-house catering, and the depth of knowledge they provide, will be a huge help. As you create your budget, remember that hotel BEO's will list prices as plus-plus, which means that the price listed excludes taxes and gratuity, and those additions can easily add 20-25% onto your bill.

No Hassle Room Block

It can sometimes be hard to decide where to book a room block for your guests. With the rise of Airbnb, you might find yourself wondering if guests will even stay in the rooms you've worked tirelessly to secure. While it is still a great idea to give guests two or three hotel block options, many out-of-town guests will love the fact that your wedding is only an elevator ride away. What's more, having most of your guests at the same hotel you're hosting the wedding makes it easy to coordinate a welcome party or post-wedding brunch.

Ease for Vendors

A happy vendor is one of the best things you can ask for at your wedding, and the easiest way to keep all your pros smiling is by making the big day easy for them. Vendor load-in is one of those things that you don't immediately consider while touring venues, but it's important to think about how all of your rental furniture, linens, and flowers will make it from box trucks into your venue. While a historic villa or private estate may not have been built with freight elevators and loading docks to accommodate vendors, hotels were. What's more, hotel ballrooms are planned to accommodate rigging points that will help make your vision of hanging greenery and drapery a more feasible reality.

Hotel Weddings Can Be Beautiful and Original

The rise of boutique hotels and luxury lodging brands has brought with it a wave of truly impeccable hotel architecture and architects who understand the importance of natural light. From pre-function areas with sky high ceiling that are perfect for cocktail hour, to terraces and rooftops to give you an outdoor ceremony, hotel weddings truly have the potential to be stunning!


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