A Groom's Guide to Getting Ready on His Wedding Day

Photo: Judy Pak

What to do before you say "I do."

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Judy Pak

The ladies have been making a day out of getting ready for the wedding for decades. Steal the idea and meet the boys preceremony for some serious bonding time over one of these activity ideas.

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Play Ball

Judy Pak

Get rid of any prewedding jitters by organizing a game of football (or baseball, or golf, or pool, or Mario Kart, for that matter) with your groomsmen. And in case it needs to be said, save the suits for afterward!

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Get Groomed

Judy Pak

Hire a barber to come and give everyone a straight-razor shave (or a beard trim!) so you'll all be wedding-photo ready.

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Get Delivery

Judy Pak

Order in a pizza from a favorite local joint to keep all your gents fueled for the big event to come.

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Give a Toast

Judy Pak

The ladies have their Champagne, so why shouldn't you enjoy your whiskey? Raise a glass to your crew for a toast—or two. Just remember the real party starts later.

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Deal 'Em

Judy Pak

Play a round of poker to pass the time.

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Take a Stroll

Judy Pak

Switch out dress shoes for some comfie kicks and go for a walk after suiting up. Bonus: Think of it as a photo op, if you have a second lensman for the wedding who can tag along.

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Judy Pak

Custom Suits: Suitable
Photography: Judy Pak
Rentals: Two of a Kind
Venue: 501 Union
Liquor: Long Island Spirits
Barber: John Riviera
Hair and Makeup: La Voila Beauty Concierge
Table Manufacturer: David Flatt for Two of a Kind
Flowers: We Create and Co
Models: Billy Sarna, Conrad Clevlin, Fazon Gray, George Trinovitch

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