Like most wedding-related details, it depends on your priorities.
checkered suit jacket

Menswear can be a mystery for many brides but rest assured that you're not the only woman who's confused about men's wedding attire. One question we hear all the time? "Should my groom really splurge on a custom suit for the wedding?" While the answer to this question really comes down to a few different factors-namely, your budget, how much he cares about fashion, and whether he'll wear it again-there are some general guidelines that will help you decide.

Is a custom suit really worth the price tag?

Think about your priorities. Many men don't own a great suit that flatters their body type, and a wedding is a great time to address that need while also choosing big-day attire that's an expression of who he is. If you know your husband-to-be wants to look his best and feel put together on his wedding day, you can certainly find off-the-rack suits that accomplish this. However, if you're looking to invest in a great suit for life, going custom is the best way to ensure your husband will have formalwear that flatters both his personality and his form.

Do we have to get custom accessories, too?

In order for a suit to look polished, there are a number of accessories your groom will need. Pocket squares, waistcoats and suspenders are optional, while ties (whether skinny, bolo, or bow tie), above-the-ankle socks, nice shoes, and cuff links are all on the more important side. Any of these accessories can make a nice wedding gift if you're so inclined, with watches or pocket watches also added to that mix. With that said, none of these details need to be custom-made. Look for options that will complement the suit he's chosen as you shop.

Custom attire isn't in our budget. Are there any alternatives?

There are a lot of great suits to be found off-the-rack, so having one made certainly isn't a "must." If you're struggling to make the budget work, you'll likely be better off going to a department store with an in-house tailor who can talk you through which cuts and styles would best complement your frame. They'll also be realistic about what changes can be made to an existing suit.


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