Plus, an expert's best tips for adding them into your routine.
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Lounging in a mineral salt bath isn't just a stress-relieving activity (although it's great for that, too): It purges your body of toxins and can lead to healthier skin, says Shannon Vaughn, founder of beauty wellness brand Pursoma. "We're made up of water, so our bodies love being in baths," she says. "Skin is our largest organ, and submerging ourselves in water is the quickest way to penetrate the body, so whatever you put inside of the bath will get into your skin quickly. If you add mineral salts, you'll absorb them efficiently, which is great, because a lot of us are mineral deficient."

If you really want to make an impact before your wedding, try a mineral bath every other day, Vaughn says. "When I first started making mineral salt soaks, we sold them at a juice bar, and a lot of the people who were coming to me were getting married and looking for ways to detox and cleanse. They wanted to lose weight, they wanted their skin to clear up, so a bath, along with a juice cleanse, was a great way to reset their system. We sell a five-day cleanse, which includes a bath every other day, and strict guidelines about what to eat." If you're looking for more of a DIY approach to mineral salt baths, then read on to find out everything you need to know.

Find the right mineral salts for your bath.

Look for bath salts that also contain clay, which helps pull toxins from your pores. Other beneficial ingredients are seaweed, which is high in skin-repairing iodine, and algae, which contains plenty of detoxifying chlorophyll. Try Vaughn's Resurrection Bath, or Shiva Rose Rose Moon Sea Salts, which also contain rose oil, an anti-inflammatory that also may help stabilize hormones.

Eat and drink at the right times.

When taking a bath, Vaughn recommends following these guidelines: First, don't eat for two hours before. "If you've just had a big, heavy meal, you may feel sick to your stomach," she explains. "It's similar to if you ate and then got on the treadmill-you'd feel terrible, because in the bath, you'll be sweating a lot, too. Since you'll be sweating and losing water, take a bottle of water in the bathtub with you."

Ditch your phone.

Keep your phone out of the room so you can truly relax in the tub for thirty minutes, and make sure the water stays above your shoulders so your whole body is immersed. After, wrap yourself in a towel or bathrobe so you can continue to sweat for about thirty minutes, which will help your body continue detoxing. If you're hungry, Vaughn recommends eating light snacks like fruit and vegetables, and then immediately going to bed-for what may just be the best sleep you've ever had.


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