Curly Hair

Brighten Your Smile

First, get a teeth cleaning, even if you're not due for one. Drugstore whiteners, like strips and gels, take about three weeks to work. A one-hour whitening by a dentist starts at about $650, but it fades stains significantly, says New York dentist Mal Braverman. Results can last six months to a year.

Hold a Beauty Rehearsal

See your hairstylist and makeup artist for trial runs, with your veil and accessories, says New York salon owner Eva Scrivo. Take photos so you can recreate the look on your wedding day. Get golden: Sunless options include airbrushing (color is applied by an esthetician, $50 to $100) or spray tanning, where tanner is misted on via jets ($25 to $35). If it's your first time, try it out a month before the wedding.


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