Show up in style on your big day.
anne and staton wedding car

Throughout the ceremony and reception, all eyes will be on the happy couple. Make a grand entrance, or a memorable departure, with a totally unique and creative mode of transportation. Here are ten ways to get from one location to another on your big day, whether you plan to transport the entire bridal party or just the two of you.


As the traditional option for weddings, a limousine luxuriously transports large groups of people. It's a perfect option for moving the bridal party from the ceremony to the reception site, but it also provides a romantic escape for just the bride and groom. Most limos can seat eight to ten guests, but bigger options that seat 15-20 people are also available at a higher cost.

Luxury Car

If you're a fan of sports cars, consider renting one for a dramatic arrival! A luxury vehicle makes for memorable photo-ops, especially if the car color matches your ceremony and reception theme. Just make sure to figure out the logistics beforehand, like where you'll park the vehicle, and how you'll get out while wearing stiletto heels.

Vintage Automobiles

If you like cars but a shiny high-end model isn't exactly compatible with your big day theme, consider renting a vintage automobile instead. Old vehicles have a dreamy, romantic appeal, and they'll definitely attract the attention of your guests.

Party Bus

Do you want to transport a large group of people? Complete with flashing lights, lively music, and a stocked bar, a party bus can transport a large group of people and allows everyone to have fun between events. This option is especially enticing when making a far drive.

Horse-Drawn Carriage

Channel your inner Cinderella and pair your gorgeous wedding dress with a dreamy horse-drawn carriage. Enjoy sweet moments with your groom amidst the pitter-patter of horse hooves, and be sure to capture the memories with photos. Some carriages fit four or six people, so you can even take your parents, children, or members of the bridal party on a ride!

Water Vehicles

Getting married in a waterfront venue? Rent a canoe or speedboat for your transportation needs! Arriving to your ceremony on the lake or ocean will be entirely memorable, but take caution to ensure your bridal ensemble won't get ruined by water splashes.


If you love the feeling of wind in your hair, make a dramatic getaway on a motorcycle or Vespa. Expect tons of "oohs" and "ahhs" from surprised guests, and be careful not to get caught in your gown!

Golf Cart

As a fun alternative to renting a car, try securing a golf cart for the big day. You don't need to wed in a country club to enjoy the tiny vehicle, either-it will work in any open outdoor venue! Make the golf cart extra glam by recruiting a wedding guest to be your chauffeur.


Take advantage of your country roots by driving around in a tractor on your wedding day. The unexpected vehicle works surprisingly well for rustic weddings, especially if they take place on a farm. All of your guests will want a ride, and they'll take plenty of photos!


If you're tying the knot around the holidays, jingle all the way to your ceremony in a sleigh. The natural snowscape, majestic horses, and beautiful sleigh will look as perfect as a postcard, and they'll give your wedding a touch of traditional elegance.


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