This engagement story is a rollercoaster of emotions.
Credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Picture this: You're standing on a bridge with the love of your life, and suddenly, he's down on one knee. Before you know it, he's pulled out a box, and just as he's about to propose, the ring goes flying into the air, bounces on the wooden bridge's boards, and plunges into the pond below. No, this isn't a cartoon plotline-it actually happened to one couple.

Seth Dixon and then-girlfriend Ruth Salas are the unlucky pair behind this failed engagement story, which was captured on video and subsequently went viral. "We freaked out," Salas told the Kansas City Star. "It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop." Desperate to retrieve the ring, they rushed into the water to search for the lost jewelry. Eventually, it got too dark, and they postponed their quest until the morning. Members of their church soon joined them and they even hired a man with a metal detector, but their efforts were to no avail.

Fast-forward to last night, when the couple appeared in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and were surprised with the ultimate redemption opportunity. Kimmel invited them onto the stage and explained why they were there. "I want to give you a do over, an 'I do-over,'" he shared, revealing a re-creation of the original proposal scene. Right on cue, jewelry designer Neil Lane stepped out, holding a new ring. The pair were then guided to the fake bridge, and Dixon was given a second chance.

"We've been together for four years," he began. "You're the love of my life. We've had ups and downs,"-uh, like a lost ring!-"and we've gotten through it all. We know this day's been coming for a long time. And I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he added. "Will you marry me?" Salas, of course, said yes.

Watch the full clip above to feel allof the emotions.


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