How Much Do Wedding Restroom Rentals Typically Cost?

Make sure to budget for these big-day essentials.

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For some couples, the ideal wedding venue is more rustic and natural. However, these types of venues are not always equipped with the essentials necessary to host a flawless event. One such example? Restrooms. Whether you're tying the knot in the middle of the woods or on a beach, guests still need access to bathroom facilities; luckily, it's easy enough to rent exactly what you'll need. How does a couple decide what kind of restrooms to rent, and how much they typically cost? The experts share their knowledge here.

Guest Count

Your guest list will dictate how many restrooms a ceremony will need. "If the rental restrooms are the only restrooms and being used for a seven hour event, you should have at least one restroom stall per 100 guests with a minimum of two stalls," explained Lauren Schaefer, founder of Nashville's Your Wedding by Lauren. "You always need at least two in the event one breaks down or perhaps is preoccupied for a longer period of time." Consider the age range of guests, as well. Are you inviting a predominately younger crowd who will be dancing and drinking cocktails all night? Perhaps add one or two more. Is it a small family affair, mainly in the afternoon with cake and small appetizers? The minimum number should do the trick. Like most things, consider your audience!

Length of Wedding

The itinerary for your big day plays a big part in the number and kind of restrooms you should rent, as well. The longer the day, the longer you'll need those restrooms for. Planning an extravagant, 12-hour long day with activities and cocktail hours and six-course dinner? Up the number and type of available restrooms. Hosting a small dinner after your short twilight ceremony? The minimum should be fine.


It's good to have options! And with rentable restrooms you certainly do. "It's pretty amazing the types of portable restrooms that can be rented," Schaefer said. "From single stall that you're used to at festivals, all the way up to the most glamorous restrooms that are larger than most New York City apartments." Many restrooms include air conditioning, running water, real fixtures, lighting, hardwood floors, and Bluetooth capability—a far cry from the single stall pods of old.


With luxury comes a price tag, but if you budget from the beginning and plan appropriately, you can easily provide your guests with a comfortable experience. "Costs can differ between your region/location, the distance being traveled to deliver, the number of stalls needed, the rental period of time, as well as the 'glam-level' of the restrooms but unless you are planning for a straight forward port-o-john, you should expect this cost to be four digits," said Schaefer. Most traditional portable restrooms are an affordable $75-$100 per hour, but that's not what most people prefer when planning for a wedding. Restroom trailers start at $1,000 and go up to $5,000, depending on the type of trailer you choose and how many bells and whistles you prefer to add on.


Don't forget the fact that many companies don't include soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue. Outfitting your rental restrooms requires an extra cost, so don't forget to budget that in. If they do provide these necessities, plan to have some backup on hand, just in case. And have fun with it! Custom potpourri, monogrammed hand towels, glam soaps—all easy ways to elevate your guest's experience. The fancier restrooms require a power source; if your venue doesn't have one readily available, ask if the restrooms can run off their own generator.

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